The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh College Chemistry Award

  • The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh sponsors the College Chemistry Award.

    This award, for chemistry or biochemistry majors, recognizes excellence in the study of chemistry or biochemistry and uses the following criteria:

    • Accomplishments in undergraduate chemistry, participation in a chemistry or biochemistry related project, honors, awards, and a grade point average of 3.0 or better.
    • The awardee must be a senior.
    • Provide a detailed resume to their nominator (Chemistry faculty member).

    In recognition of their accomplishments, the nominated student will receive a certificate of achievement and a cash award. In honor of the awardee, the school will receive a grant for the purchase of a book for the chemistry library and a nameplate inscribed with the student’s name for your wall plaque.

    The award is presented at the Spring Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh Annual Awards dinner, to which the awardee and their guest(s) are invited.

    Prior Award Recipients

    2017–18 Chasity Hankinson
    2016–17 Veronica Caro
    2015–16 Allison Rabon
    2014–15 Charles Culbertson
    2013–14 Teresa Dierks
    2012–13 Rebecca Beadling
    2011–12 Mitchell Stadler
    2010–11 Jonathan Henninger
    2009–10 Jennifer Beveridge
    2008–09 Olivia McGovern
    2007–08 Kaycie Butler
    2006–07 Joseph W. Zewe
    2005–06 Amy Hamsher
    2004–05 Thomas A. Baker
    2003–04 Susan M. Farabaugh
    2002–03 Jennifer D. Sloppy
    2001–02 Stephanie L. Britton
    2000–01 Chrysa F. Malosh
    1999–00 Rebecca J. Cerio
    1998–99 Gregory Nealen
    1997–98 Emily R. Stauffer
    1996–97 Jeremy A. Cody
    1995–96 Jennifer Lynn Coleman
    1994–95 Daniel E. Folmer
    1993–94 Jess Hoover
    1992–93 Brian M. Stoltz
    1991–92 Hao Zhang
    1990–91 Gregory Ferrence
    1989–90 Kimberly Kish
    1988–89 Joanne Dusza
    1987–88 Leslie Stankiewicz
    1986–87 Elizabeth M. Zippi
    1985–86 Ellen Marie Radzilowski
    1984–85 Terri Davis
    1983–84 Jeffrey Jay Albert
    1982–83 Richard J. Loncharich
    1981–82 Anne M. Breindel
    1980–81 Leroy W. Warner
    1979–80 William H. Schaeffer
    1978–79 Mark L. Dietz
    1977–78 John Balamuta
    1976–77 Anne R. Trimeloni
    1975–76 H. Craig Silvis
    1974–75 Kevin L. Rollick