Chemistry, BA

  • Joanna Mielke, BA in Chemistry

    APPLYING CHEMISTRY – Joanna Mielke, class of 2016, a student in the Cook Honors College, chose the BA program in chemistry “because it’s more interdisciplinary,” adding a minor in food and nutrition. “I want to go into food science and work in the processed food industry, finding a way to make healthy foods tastier and tasty foods healthier.”

    A Technical Degree With a Liberal Arts Direction

    When you combine things, the results can be powerful. As a Chemistry major pursuing a bachelor of arts degree at IUP, you’ll have the opportunity to combine a comprehensive education in chemistry with course work in another field to create a powerful educational foundation on which to build your career.

    This flexible program allows you to coordinate a minor in a separate area such as environmental science, health sciences, geology, English (for technical writing), criminology, computer science, or business administration.

    In our forensic science course, you can explore the chemistry of drugs, arson, poisons, hair, fibers, glass, and fingerprints, as well as learn the methods used in the collection and processing of forensic evidence and in crime scene reconstruction.

    Our American Chemical Society-approved curriculum will provide you with the fundamental science and mathematics requirements needed for a career in chemistry. Also, unlike many schools, IUP encourages you to be active in research, starting in your freshman year.