About Our Chemistry Graduate Faculty

  • Students in a chemistry lab with a professor

    INDUSTRY AND HIGHER EDUCATION Professors who have industry experience help shape the classes you'll take, preparing you for both graduate work and careers in industry.

    Professors in tune with traditional and emerging career paths

    Our chemistry faculty members come from various regions of the country and have enjoyed careers in academia and industry. They know how business and science should work together, and they bring this unique mix of applied and theoretical knowledge to the classroom. This talented group of 20 also spans a generation and therefore combines a breadth of tradition with new and trending concepts in the classroom.

    • Our professors have won more than $1 million in grant funding for research projects.
    • Faculty members have been published regularly in more than 30 scientific publications.
    • As research specialists, our professors engage students as assistants, providing the opportunity to be published and recognized early in their careers.

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