Dr. Jonathan Southard

  • Associate Professor

    Office: 239D Weyandt Hall
    Phone: (724) 357-2210
    E-mail: Jonathan.Southard@iup.edu  

    Office Hours

    M: 1:00–2:45 p.m.
    M: 1:00–2:45 p.m. 
    M: 1:00–2:45 p.m. 
    Other times by appointment 


    BS – Biochemistry, Juniata College
    PhD – Biochemistry, Utah State University
    Postdoctoral Fellowship – University of California, Santa Cruz



    Courses Taught

    BIOC 301 — Foundations of Biochemistry 
    BIOC 302 — Advanced Biochemistry
    BIOC 311/312 — Biochemistry Laboratory I/II
    BIOC 480/490 — Biochemistry Seminar I/II
    BIOC 481 — Special Topics in Biochemistry
    CHEM 101/102 — College Chemistry I/II 
    CHEM 231/232 — Organic Chemistry I/II
    CHEM 255 — Biochemistry and Nutrition 
    CHEM 290 — Chemistry Seminar I
    CHEM 351 — Biochemistry 
    CHEM 600 — Seminar
    CHEM 646 — Biochemistry  

    Research Interests

    There are two major focuses of my research activities. One is to investigate a family of mouse proteins. A few of these proteins, including the pituitary hormone prolactin, have been extensively studied. Sequencing of the mouse genome revealed the presence of genes for 22 prolactin-related proteins, some of which have never been purified for structural and functional studies. We are developing procedures for the expression and purification of several of these mouse proteins in E. coli. These projects involve methods for nucleic acid purification and manipulation, bacterial cell culture, and protein extraction, purification and structural analysis. A second interest is in the development of improved laboratory experiences for students in undergraduate biochemistry laboratory courses. A major theme here is to provide exposure to modern biochemical methods and instrumentation in a context that models a research experience. 

    Select Publications

    Krakauer J, Long Y, Kolbert A;Thanedar S, Southard J (2015) Presence of L-canavanine in Hedysarum alpinum seeds and its potential role in the death of Chris McCandless. Wilderness Environ Med 26 :36-42.

    Southard JN (2014) Protein Analysis Using Real-Time PCR Instrumentation: Incorporation in an Integrated, Inquiry-Based Project. Biochem.Mol. Biol. Educ. 42 :142-151 (published online: 23 DEC 2013, DOI: 10.1002/bmb.20747)

    Ludwig T, Kollu CS, Niederbracht Y, Hand DA, Southard JN (2007) Evidence for association of growth hormone-binding protein (GHBP) with integrins: Release of mouse GHBP from liver plasma membranes with an RGD peptide.  89th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society. 

    Gruber W, Southard JN (2004) Was the death of Chris McCandless starvation or poison? Intercollegiate Student Chemists’ Convention.

    Southard JN (2003) Protein structure modeling and visualization: A discovery process for undergraduates.  American Chemical Society Regional Meeting, Pittsburgh.

    Kenfu A, Southard JN (2003) Two-hybrid analysis for the detection of GHBP-interacting proteins.  Intercollegiate Student Chemists’ Convention.

    Cerio RJ, Xing F, Fatula RJ, Keith DE, Yang X, Talamantes F, Southard JN (2002) Structurally distinct membrane-associated and soluble forms of growth hormone binding protein in the mouse. J Endocrinol 172 :321-331.