Dr. Ron F. See

  • Professor

    Office: 229C Weyandt Hall
    Phone: 724-357-4489 
    Email: rfsee@iup.edu

    Office Hours

    M: 1:00–3:00 p.m.
    T: 2:00–3:30 p.m.
    R: 2:00–3:30 p.m.


    BA – State University of New York, Fredonia
    MA – State University of New York, Buffalo
    PhD – State University of New York, Buffalo
    Postdoctoral Fellowship – Harvard University      


    Inorganic Chemistry
    Computational Chemistry    


    CHEM 100 — Preparatory Chemistry
    CHEM 111/112 — General Chemistry I and II
    CHEM 113/114 — Advanced General Chemistry I & II
    CHEM 214 — Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
    CHEM 290 — Chemistry Seminar I
    CHEM 411 — Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 

    Research Interests

    Our research works to understand the physical basis for the bonding and structure of a variety of chemical species.  Currently, we are focusing on metal-ligand interactions in coordination and organometallic compounds, as expressed in both discrete molecular compounds and extended macromolecular arrays.  

    Select Publications

    Ronald F. See, Thomas A. Baker and Pamela J. Kahler, “On the Geometry of Simple Molecules, II. Modeling the Geometry of AX3E and AX2E2 Molecules through Non-Bonded Repulsions.” Inorganic Chemistry (2005) 44, 4961-4968.

    Ronald F. See, “Which method of assigning bond order in Lewis structures best reflects experimental data? An analysis of the octet rule and formal charge systems for Period 2 and 3 nonmetallic compounds.” Journal of Chemical Education (2009) 86, 1241-1247.

    Ronald F. See and Daniel Kozina, “Quantification of the trans influence in d8 square planar and d6 octahedral complexes: a database study.” Journal of Coordination Chemistry (2013) 66, 490-500.