Pre-Pharmacy in Chemistry

A student works in a chemistry lab.

Get a Strong Start for Pharmacy School with Chemistry

As you think about your path to becoming a pharmacist, you'll want to choose a strong science education that includes biology and math courses required for entrance into pharmacy school. You'll also want to consider the investment you are making in your education, comparing the quality and cost of college pre-pharmacy programs.

IUP is an Excellent Educational Value

At IUP, students are taught their major courses by professors who are experts in their fields rather than graduate assistants. You'll get expert answers to your questions and make connections with faculty that can lead to letters of recommendation for pharmacy schools.

There are opportunities here for students to do research with professors and to do internships. These hands-on opportunities can make your resume stand out.

We give you rigorous courses led by professors and hands-on opportunities in chemistry. As one of the largest state universities in Pennsylvania, we can offer you an excellent educational value.

Start Pharmacy School After Your Third Year

After three years at IUP, students enrolled at an accredited school of pharmacy may count certain classes taken at pharmacy school toward the completion of their IUP degree.

Your advisor can help you schedule your IUP classes to fit this option if you choose to do this. You'll earn your Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from IUP while you are in pharmacy school.

When comparing pharmacy schools, be aware of the courses each program requires. You may need to take additional undergraduate courses in order to apply to some programs. Your advisor can help you plan a schedule that includes the courses you need to meet these requirements.

Earn an ACS-Certified Degree in Chemistry

To qualify for an American Chemical Society-certified degree in chemistry, students must take specific courses from those offered.

Though the Pre-Pharmacy track is designed to fit well with pharmacy school requirements, your degree will also qualify you for other jobs in the chemistry field.