Tang's Article Featured by American Water Works Association Journal

Posted on 11/6/21 9:35 AM

Chemistry Professor Hao Tang's interview article is featured on the latest issue of Journal of the American Water Works Association (Vol. 113, Iss. 9, November 2021, Pg. 16-18).

Tang's research article, titled “Modeling and interpretation of membrane capacitive deionization responses to different salt load,” was selected as the spotlight article of the month by the journal. 

Interviewed by the publication's editor-in-chief, Kenneth L. Mercer, Tang answered a series of questions about his research, future challenges for research at the intersection of science, engineering, public health, and the impact of his research on public policy and health. 

Journal AWWA is a leading journal facing industry practitioners. To read this interview article, visit the American Water Works Association article page hosted by Wiley Library


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