Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics and Engineering Students Named to Spring 2021 Dean's List

Posted on 8/10/21 3:21 PM

The Madia Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics and Engineering congratulates our students for being named to the Dean’s List for spring 2019. Students receive this recognition for each semester in which they earn a GPA of 3.25 or higher, while taking a minimum of 12 credits.

Chemistry and Biochemistry:

Nana Adusepoku, BS in Chemistry/Pre-Medical, Monroeville, PA

Celine Mackenzie Blon, BS in Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, McMurray, PA

Olivia Renee Boop, BSEd in Chemistry Education, Millmont, PA

Emma Bouchard, BS in Biochemistry, Bentleyville, PA

Dalton R. Brown, BS in Biochemistry, Lucinda, PA

Thomas Leroy Clark, BS in Chemistry, Fayette City, PA

Philip A. Colen, BS in Biochemistry, Indiana, PA

Abra Ginnette Dadum, BS in Chemistry, Pittsburgh, PA

Brandon M. Faber, BS in Biochemistry, Dayton, PA

Jacob W. Fritsky, BS in Chemistry, Elizabeth, PA

Noah T. Garrett, BS in Chemistry, State College, PA

Paeton Christine Hartmann, BS in Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, Lake Grove, NY

Cassidy Rhea Hughes, BS in Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, Osceola Mills, PA

Sydney Lee Hunter, BS in Chemistry, Monroeville, PA

Lila Grace Jones, BS in Chemistry/Pre-Medical, Wampum, PA

Kyani Rachele Kiser, BS in Chemistry, New Alexandria, PA

Mikayla Lovelace, BS in Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, Leechburg, PA

Sophia Maloney, BS in Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, Dubois, PA

Andrew Moyer, BS in Chemistry, Schwenksville, PA

Rachel Leona Nesgoda, BS in Chemistry, North East, PA

Gabriella M. Pettipas, BS in Biochemistry, Indiana, PA

Alexis Roman, BS in Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, Coraopolis, PA

Danielle J. Rosenberger, BS in Chemistry, Indiana, PA

Micayla Nicole Schambura, BS in Chemistry, Irwin, PA

Sarah Elizabeth Taylor, BS in Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, Greenville, PA

Arie C. Van Wieren, BS in Biochemistry, Indiana, PA

Phillip Kenneth Walter, BS in Chemistry, Fairhope, PA

Jeffrey A. White, BS in Chemistry, Cherry Tree, PA

Abby Lauren Williams, BS in Chemistry, Liberty, PA

Makenzie Taylor Witzel, BS in Biochemistry, Douglassville, PA

Alexis Melia Zaragoza, BSEd in Chemistry Education, Seward, PA

Kristin Zurenko, BS in Chemistry/Pre-pharmacy, Hillsdale, PA


Physics and PreEngineering:

Simon Andrew Accamando, BS in Physics/Pre-engineering, Pittsburgh, PA

Danijel Babic, BS in Physics/Pre-engineering, Industry, PA

Brooke Olivia Beckwith, BS in Physics/Pre-engineering, Indiana, PA

Will Michael Britsky, BS in Physics/Pre-engineering, Indiana, PA

Jaelynn Nora Deyarmin, BSEd in Physics Education, Indiana, PA

Cole Ryan Flory, BS in Physics/Pre-engineering, Mount Joy, PA

Timothy Howard Hensel, BSEd in Physics Education, Connellsville, PA

Morgan Elizabeth Hepler, BS in Physics/Pre-engineering, Leechburg, PA

Tarah J. Jacobson, BSEd in Physics Education, Curwensville, PA

Gage Kiser, BS in Physics/Applied Physics, New Alexandria, PA

Treylor Edward Shirley, BS in Physics/Applied Physics, Blairsville, PA

Noah Suley, BS in Physics/Pre-engineering, Avonmore, PA

Marcos I. Zegarra, BS in Physics/Pre-engineering, Monroeville, PA 

Environmental Engineering:

Abdulelah Turki Alhoshan, BS in Environmental Engineering, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Cooper Z. Babcock, BS in Environmental Engineering, Athens, PA

Jacob Michael Beyerl, BS in Environmental Engineering, Gibsonia, PA

Mary E. Bland, BS in Environmental Engineering, Home, PA

Austin T. Confer, BS in Environmental Engineering, Mill Hall, PA

James Cunard, BS in Environmental Engineering, Sugar Notch, PA

Jacob John Decker, BS in Environmental Engineering, Susquehanna, PA

Bridget M. Gardner, BS in Environmental Engineering, Indiana, PA

Jackson E. Hamill, BS in Environmental Engineering, Douglassville, PA

Abigail C. Jones, BS in Environmental Engineering, Port of Spain, East Timor