Meet Kopchick College's Young Alumni Award Winner 2021

Posted on 3/15/21 6:28 PM
Dr. Ardian Soca Wibowo, IUP BIOC' 05

Ardian Soca Wibowo '05
Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Helix Biostructures LLC

Ardian Soca Wibowo has an extensive range of expertise in biochemistry, biological chemistry, and biophysical characterization.

His knowledge and experience with instrumentation and techniques involving protein X-ray crystallography cover a number of applications including protein targets, binding affinity, kinetics, and ligand interactions. In addition, he is also extremely familiar with developing gene-to-structure paths. This familiarity encompasses biological protein production in a variety of cellular expression systems as well as purification methods to obtain high yield concentrations, of the target of interest, specifically for crystallization to support X-ray diffraction allowing for data collection and structure determination. His degrees include a PhD in chemical biology and a BS in biochemistry.

Come hear how Wibowo got from an IUP bachelor's degree to where he is today!

Monday, March 22, 10:00 a.m. - short talk followed by student Q & A session.

Join us via Zoom.