Leadership Certification

  • Career and technical administrators are responsible for managing a diverse group of tasks, students, faculty, and staff. They are also instrumental in helping others achieve growth, satisfaction, and success, with the ultimate objective of improving instruction. IUP offers the programs you need to become a certified career and technical education administrator.

    The IUP Leadership programs are flexible, personalized, and self-paced. They offer a diverse list of competencies from which candidates customize a personalized program, choosing competencies which fit with their own educational goals. The programs are field-based, competency-based, and completed in the candidate’s own school. Students acquire all theory by using competency guide sheets and other educational resources. Students develop usable materials while working through each of the competencies.

    Supervisor of Vocational Education Certificate

    Supervisors assist with curriculum development and instructional delivery. In addition, they may conduct program and personnel evaluations, become involved with program planning, supervise school and community relations, and supervise career and technical facilities.

    To obtain the Supervisor of Vocational Education certificate, a candidate must complete all program requirements and complete 54 competencies which demonstrate supervision responsibilities.

    Vocational Administrative Director Certificate

    A vocational administrative director assumes the role of institutional leader for long-range planning, effectively promoting community involvement, providing for sound business and financial management, and providing facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. A vocational director creates a climate that allows the management team, faculty, and support staff to function in a self-directed manner and assume responsibility for their actions.

    The Vocational Administrative Director program is composed of 81 total competencies, including the 54 supervisor competencies and an additional 27 director competencies.

    Director certification also requires a six-week internship, usually performed in the summer at the end of the director certification program.

    For additional information on program requirements, costs and fees, or to request an application, call 724-357-4434 or e-mail info-cte@iup.edu.