Spring 2005

  • Introduction

    It’s that time of year again! Time for budding trees, blooming flowers, and another
    edition of the Student Employment Center Newsletter. We have been working hard to
    ensure that the articles contained within this newsletter provide relevant and helpful
    information to both student employees and student employee supervisors.

    The Student Employment Center (SEC) is housed within the Office of Career
    Services and assists students in finding part-time on or off-campus job opportunities.
    It also coordinates with the Learning Enhancement Center’s Work Study Program.
    Students who are seeking employment opportunities can stop by our office in 302
    Pratt Hall to review the employment binder or access the on-line job listing at

    Included in this edition you will find material related to the upcoming SEC-sponsored
    workshop entitled “Are you a L.E.A.Der in the workplace?” which teaches key
    successful habits in the workplace that can be applied to current or future
    employment. This workshop will also help students to gain valuable life skills that can
    help one be successful in the future.

    Also, don’t forget to read about what is happening during Student Employment
    Appreciation Week! This year Student Employment Appreciation Week will take
    place the week of April 10-April 16, 2005. In order to show our appreciation for all of
    the hard work that student employees provide, we are sponsoring an ice cream
    buffet, hosting the above-mentioned workshop, as well as sending a few other
    surprises to say “thank you” for all of your hard work during your student employment

    Please remember that we are always accepting constructive feedback, so feel free to
    contact us and let us know how we can improve this newsletter. You can reach our
    office by calling 724-357-2235, emailing brunetta@iup.edu, or stopping by 302 Pratt

    In closing, we want to wish all student employees and student employee supervisors
    good luck for both a happy and productive remainder of the Spring Semester. We
    would also like to express our appreciation for all of your hard work and contributions
    to the IUP learning community. All of your hard work makes IUP a better place to
    study, to work, and to live!!

    Jessica Reed, Graduate Assistant
    Student Employment Center

    Contact Information

    Student Employment Center
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    302 Pratt Hall
    c/o Office of Career Services
    Telephone: 724-357-2235
    Fax: 724-357-4079
    Office Hours: M/R/F, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30
    p.m., T/W, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    While classes are in session.
    Office hours vary during semester breaks and during the summer. Please contact
    the office for hours of operation during these times.
    E-mail: brunetta@iup.edu
    Web address: www.iup.edu/sec


    Heather Brunetta, Interim Coordinator
    Jessica Reed, Graduate Assistant
    Heather Dravecky, Office Assistant
    Enjoy the Rest of Your Semester!

    In This Issue

    The IUP Library
    College Central Network
    Remember to Register for Workshop
    Did You Know
    Service Learning
    Dear Nora Knowledge
    Student Employment Trivia
    Federal Work-Study Award Info
    University Testing Services
    Delta Epsilon Iota
    Comments Section
    Upcoming Events
    Answers to Trivia
    Thank You

    The IUP Library: Taking the Fast Lane on the Road to Knowledge

    By: Blaine Knupp
    Reference Librarian
    IUP Library

    If you had not visited the IUP University Libraries in the last five or ten years and
    visited today, you would be greatly surprised by the changes that have occurred.
    New technology, particularly computer technology, is revolutionizing how libraries,
    including IUP’s, operate. Perhaps the most dramatic change (but maybe not the
    most visible) is the development of the IUP Libraries’ virtual presence on the Internet.
    The library staff has worked hard on developing the “Library without walls.” Now,
    students are not constrained by a physical building and the hours of that building
    to get to library materials. If you have a  computer with an Internet connection,
    you can access the Library’s resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are
    awake, working on a paper at 3:00 a.m. and find you need to check on the
    author of an article, you can do it through the electronic library. You can
    find IUP’s virtual library at http://www.lib.iup.edu As you explore the Library web
    page, you’ll see all kinds of new electronic services or traditional
    services with an electronic twist. As you roll your mouse around the page, menus will pop up with
    different choices.

    Through the PILOT online catalog (under “Books and More,” select the “Online Catalog” option),
    you can search for all the books, media materials, journal titles and electronic sources
    provided by the library. The system will give you the location of that material in the library or
    provide a link to the electronic material. If you are looking for periodical articles you’ll find
    them in one of the 130+ databases on the database list (under “Articles and More,” select
    the “All Databases” option). IUP subscribes to databases in many different subject areas and
    new ones come on board all the time. In many cases these databases will provide the full text of
    journal articles right online. If they don’t, there will be a link where you can do a quick check of
    the IUP catalog to see if that material is available locally. If you need a recommendation for which
    database to use for your topic, just ask one of the librarians.

    Speaking of asking a librarian, there are a lot of new ways to contact the librarians to get
    assistance with any type of library material. The best way to get advice
    from a librarian is to talk to one individually. For almost every hour
    that the library is open, there is at least one, and sometimes two or
    more, professional reference librarians at the Reference Desk on
    the 1st floor of Stapleton Library. You can ask a librarian anything.
    There is no question too large or too small. If the librarian doesn’t know
    the answer, she or he will help you find someone or something that does have the
    answer. That’s what librarians are all about…helping students find information.
    If you can’t come in to the library to talk to a librarian in person, there are other means of
    communication. Try the telephone. You can reach the librarians at (724)357-3006 (or toll-free
    at 1-866-836-8815). This phone is answered by a librarian at the Reference Desk – not some
    automated system. Just pick up the phone and call.

    The librarians are also available virtually. One of the newest services is chat reference. You can
    find the chat link on the library home page and during posted chat hours, establish a chat.

    Library Hours
    Monday – Thursday: 7:45a.m. – 11:45p.m.
    Friday: 7:45a.m. – 7:00p.m.
    Saturday: 11:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.
    Sunday: 1:00p.m. – 11:45p.m.

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    Chat Online with a Reference Librarian

    Monday – Friday: 1:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
    connection with a librarian. The VRLPlus (Virtual Reference Librarian) software that the library
    uses not only has the standard chat window, but also allows a “co-browsing” window that both you
    and the librarian can see at the same time. With this feature, the librarian can push a web page to
    you or watch as you do a search in a database and make suggestions about how to do a better
    search. If there is not a librarian on chat duty or if you don’t need an immediate answer to your
    question, the VRLPlus software also has an email component. Just enter your question, and
    within 24 hours a librarian will get back to you with an answer.

    In person, on the phone, and virtually, the librarians are available to help you. You can
    never say that you can’t contact a librarian. The librarians are your best resource for information
    at IUP.

    As you are doing research using the online databases, you will sometimes run across
    materials that IUP doesn’t own. Just because the material is not here, that doesn’t mean you
    don’t have access to it. If you need books, try the PALCI (Pennsylvania Academic Library
    Consortium, Inc.) EZ-Borrow system. You’ll find it under “Books and More.” Just click on the
    “PACLI” option. Use 16-digit number on your Icard to log in. You can search the catalogs of
    about 50 academic libraries in Pennsylvania (and a couple in New Jersey and West Virginia). If
    you find an item you want, and IUP doesn’t own it, just click the “Request” button. The system will
    verify your contact information and then send a request to the owning library to have that material
    sent here to IUP for you to use. You’ll get an email when it arrives on campus and then you can
    pick it up at the Circulation Desk and check it out, just like an IUP book. It only takes about 3-5
    working days to get a book through PALCI and it’s really easy.

    If you can’t find the item on PALCI or if you need periodical materials, you want the ILLIAD system.
    On the library home page under “Books and More,” click on the link to “Interlibrary Loan.”
    On the ILL page you’ll see the link to ILLIAD. You must be a registered user to enter the
    system, but if you don’t have an account set up, just follow the new user link at the bottom to
    register. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll get request forms for photocopies or for books. Just
    fill out the appropriate one and submit it. The Library’s Interlibrary Loan staff will research to
    find out what libraries have that material and ask for it to be sent here for you to use. Again,
    ILLIAD takes about 3-5 working days, depending on where the information is located.
    These are just a few of the new electronic services available from the library’s web page.
    Please explore this virtual library to discover all the great things the library can do for you. We’ll
    see you online!

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    College Central Network (CCN) Can Help You!

    By Sara Barnett
    Student Employee
    Office of Career Services

    Where do you see yourself in five years? Can you see yourself job hunting, resume pushing, or even
    career fair searching? Well, I am here to tell you about a tool that can help you on your journey and
    that tool is CCN!

    College Central Network hosts a number of ways to help you as a student to find the perfect job. With
    daily updates, CCN assists not only currently enrolled students but also has the capacity to help
    recent and the not-so-recent graduates. Numerous students have tried this device with happy results.
    So, next time you are looking for a job fair, an open house, a full-time position, or just a place to post
    your resume, think College Central Network. What are you waiting for…visit the Career Services
    website at http://www.iup.edu/career. Next, click on “Students” then click on “Register with CCN”! Log
    in today!

    Remember to register for the workshop “Are you a L.E.A.Der in the workplace?”

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 11:30a.m.- 1:00p.m.
    Location: Hadley Union Building, Ohio Room
    (A pizza lunch will be provided!)

    Participants will learn key successful habits in the workplace that can be applied to current or future
    employment. In addition, this workshop will help to provide valuable life skills that can help one be

    So remember to register for the “Are you a L.E.A.D.er in the workplace workshop by April 1st in
    order to learn key employment skills! See insert for registration details.
    Hope to see you there!!

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    Did you know…

    The Career Services Office offers volunteer opportunities, workshops on a variety of topics,
    career counseling, mock interviews, job listing for part-time employment, internship listings,
    on campus interviewing, and much, much more!! Stop by 302 Pratt Hall today to find out
    how we can help you.

    Service Learning Receives a Face-Lift

    By Leah Horcholic AmeriCorps
    Office of Service Learning

    The Office of Service Learning has undergone several changes since last semester, the major one
    being location. Once again the office has moved within Pratt Hall. Now we are located in room 301,
    still falling under the Career Services umbrella. Ou current hours for the spring semester are as
    follows: Monday through Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm with later hours on Tuesday and Wednesday (till
    6pm) as well as Thursday (till 5pm). As a result of this move we are attempting to outreach to the IUP
    community more so everyone knows that our door is always open and we are always willing to help
    those who want to help others.

    Our current outreach can be viewed in several ways. First of all, we are moving more and more
    into the information technology arena through our website and communication regarding various
    programs/events. Advertising and outreach regarding our varying events has improved as well.
    For instance, our KidsRead program, a reading program for children in the community, was able to
    quickly reach its goal of tutors for this semester due to a highly successful campus-wide e-mail. This email
    generated over 300 responses from students interested in becoming a part of the program. This
    is a resource that we have not tapped previously but that we will continue to do in the future. It also
    proved beneficial with regards to our Community Involvement Fair, which is held each semester. Not
    only were we able to use campus wide e-mails to reach people regarding this but also the campus
    bulletins, which can be found on IUP’s home page proved to be a valuable method of outreach. Our
    most current way in which we are utilizing these forms of technology is with regards to our Into the
    Streets day of service. Not only will students receive an e-mail regarding this event, but they will
    also be able to register for the day via our website. This is a method which has proved very effective in
    the past and one we will continue with into the future.

    All of these changes however are not as beneficial if students still do not know of the additional
    services we have to offer. For example, currently we have a system in place that allows students who
    are interested in community service to sit in our office and look through a binder of information from
    some of the human service agencies in the area. Then the student can take a copy of the
    brochure(s) that are of interest to their needs and/or those of the organization they are representing.
    This is something we hope to expand upon to include more agencies and to inform the campus
    community of this option that is available for use. For more information on this in office system or for
    general volunteer advice or information please contact Leah Horcholic, AmeriCorps
    Representative, at either 724-357-3104 or via email, Leah@iup.edu.

    There is also our e-mail distribution system which has been set up for quite some time now. Through
    this service students can receive e-mails periodically regarding volunteer opportunities that
    we are notified of here in the office. E-mails are sent with the information about the event or
    volunteer need that an agency currently has and contact information is given as well. It is then up to
    the student to contact that location directly to commit to and/or make arrangements for that
    particular opportunity. We have had great success with this e-mail list serve and currently have around
    400 students included in these e-mails. For more information about our e-mail distribution list, to be
    added to the list or for general volunteer advice or information please contact Jessica Reed, Graduate
    Assistant, at either 724-357-2235 or via e-mail, J.L.Reed@iup.edu.

    For more information regarding these programs, events and services look to our website in the
    months to come as we continue to move into the technology arena.

    Dear Nora Knowledge

    Dear Nora,
    I am a senior and have been a student employee for my entire four
    years at IUP. How can I show my student employment experience on
    my resume so that prospective employers know that I have
    developed good work skills?

    -Resume Builder

    Dear Resume Builder,
    Like most of us, you’ve probably gained many skills that you’re not even aware of through your student
    employment experience. Identifying these skills can be difficult, because most people tend to think
    of them as nothing special. However, at the very least you’ve developed assets such as good work
    habits, meeting the expectations of your supervisor, and the ability to respond effectively to clients.
    Your first step should be to develop a comprehensive list of all the duties and
    responsibilities you’ve had on your job, especially the ones you’ve enjoyed most. This will be very
    detailed, and some of the information will seem very routine and unimportant. However, this step is
    necessary so you can identify the skills and abilities that you want to “sell” to a potential employer in
    your field. With the “big picture” in front of you, you’ll have an easier time of incorporating your
    student employment experience into your resume. For example, you may decide that an ongoing
    project to track graduates in the department where you work provided a number of skills you want
    prospective employers to know about. Focus on that particular project in your resume, using strong
    descriptive words and results to explain what you did. The point is that you may not need to list
    everything you did on the job (especially if answering phones is not what you want to present
    to employers). Instead, you are selectively describing your experience to present your
    qualifications to potential employers. You might phrase your entry this way:

    • Researched data from other university sources
    • Tallied responses from over 1500 alumni
    • Set up and maintained database using Excel

    This sort of information will not only show that you have used organizational, oral communication,
    research, computer, and writing skills, but it will also demonstrate that you are dependable and can
    follow a task through to completion. While most employers are looking for specific skill sets, they
    also want to know that you have the personal qualities necessary to succeed on the job.

    A final reminder: You can also use your cover letter to provide more detail on specific points from your
    resume that are applicable to a particular job or organization. Also, you should be prepared to
    discuss these points in even greater detail during an interview. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about
    any aspect of your job search, the Office of Career Services can assist you with preparing your resume
    and cover letter, identifying potential employers, developing outstanding interview skills, or any other
    concerns you may have. Office staff members are available to help you in 302 Pratt Hall, or call (724)
    357-2235 to schedule an appointment.  Good luck with your job search!

    Nora Knowledge

    Student Employment Trivia Contest

    By Chad Jurica
    Student Employee Office of Career Services

    1. If I’m undecided on a major what office could I visit to acquire information on a
    major that I might be interested in?
    2. When is Student Employment Appreciation Week?
    3. What are the different tests offered oncampus at our computer-based testing
    4. Who is the person in charge of writing the student employment center newsletter?
    5. Who is the new president of IUP?
    6. How do I go about finding an internship in my major?


    By Aileen Bowman
    Assistant Director Financial Aid Office

    In order to be considered for the Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP) for Fall 2005, you must file
    the 2005-2006 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or Renewal FAFSA, and the 2005-
    2006 Fall/Spring Federal Work-Study Application. If you have not already received the 2005-2006
    FAFSA, you may obtain one from the Financial Aid Office and mail it to the Federal processor or apply
    online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. The Fall/Spring Federal Work-Study Application is available online
    at www.iup.edu/financialaid; you will need to print this application and submit it to the Financial Aid
    Office. The deadline for both applications is April 15, 2005. If you do not submit the FWS application
    by April 15, you might not qualify at a later date based on other aid awarded, such as Federal
    Stafford Loans.

    The Summer 2005 payroll begins May 14 and ends August 19. If you are interested in working under
    Federal Work-Study during Summer 2005, there is a separate application process. You can begin this
    process immediately. You must first secure a position then submit a completed Summer 2005
    IUP Financial Aid Application to the Financial Aid Office. The Summer 2005 IUP Financial Aid
    Application is available at www.iup.edu/financialaid. You can check the status of your awards by visiting
    the website www.iup.edu/ursa and logging into the secured area with your IUP student ID number and
    PIN. Summer awards will be listed under the 2004- 2005 aid year. Also, be sure to check the message
    area for important information about your financial aid status. If approved for summer Federal Work-
    Study, you and your employer need to complete the Federal Student Employment Profile/Job
    Assignment form and you must submit it to the Student Payroll Office, located in G-8 Sutton Hall.
    Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you require additional information about FWSP.
    Inquiries may be made in person at the Financial Aid Office service counter in the lobby of Clark Hall,
    by e-mail (financial-aid@iup.edu), or by phone (724.357.2218). If you need help in locating a
    work-study position, the Student Employment Center is available to provide such assistance.

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    University Testing Services

    By Eddy Cruz
    Graduate Assistant University Testing Services

    Are you tired of test-scheduling stress and cumbersome testing site searches? University
    Testing Services is here to save the day and reduce that anxiety. We provide testing schedules,
    administration, and score report services for the purposes of graduation, competency, licensure,
    and personal certification. Tests that can be taken at our site include and are not limited to: GREs,
    Millers Analogies Test (MATs), Praxis, GMATs, TOEFLs, and CLEP tests. Our office, located in 311
    Pratt Hall, provides a convenient and comfortable environment for test takers. Please contact us at
    (724) 357-4994 for more information.

    Delta Epsilon Iota: The Newest IUP Student Organization

    By Jessica Reed
    Graduate Assistant Delta Epsilon Iota, Advisor

    On February 3, 2005 the first meeting for the new IUP Chapter of Delta Epsilon Iota took place. This
    new academic honor society for career oriented students inducted approximately 315 new members
    at this reception. These new members represent about 70 majors at IUP and have one thing in
    common, they are all outstanding students. One of the goals of this organization is to assist the
    IUP Office of Career Services in its many tasks. For example, you will probably see some Delta
    Epsilon Iota students at the Teacher Recruitment Fair and Into the Streets. This new student group
    also exists for these students to help and support each other in their career goals and decisions.
    So how can you become a member of Delta Epsilon Iota? The requirements are few, but
    important. You must have at least 30 credit hours completed at IUP and have a 3.3 GPA. If you meet
    these requirements, then in the not too distant future you will probably receive a letter from me
    inviting you to join this outstanding group of students.

    Comments Section

    We would greatly appreciate if you would drop any comments you may have via e-mail to brunetta@iup.edu.
    Please tell us what you like or dislike, and share your ideas with us for future newsletters!
    Thank you!

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    Upcoming Dates/Events…

    23 Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline
    Criminology & Government Career Fair
    25 Semester Course Withdrawal Deadline
    31 Pittsburgh Educational Recruiting
    Consortium Job Fair

    2 Into the Streets
    5 Student Volunteer Recognition Reception
    6 WestPACS Art Careers Day
    10-16 Student Employee Appreciation Week
    19 Professional Day, No Class
    21 IUP Teacher Recruiting Fair
    27 Reading Day, No Class
    28 Finals Begin

    4 Finals End
    7 Commencement

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    Answers to the Student Employment

    Trivia Contest
    By Chad Jurica
    Student Employee Office of Career Services

    1. If you can’t decide on a major, you have several options. You can stop by The Major
    and Career Exploration Center in 214 Pratt Hall. Career Services can also help narrow
    your options, by helping you to hone in on your skills and interests to pick a major that
    will best suit you.
    2. Student Employee Appreciation Week will be held the week of April 10-16. During this
    week there will be an ice cream buffet, a workshop on leadership, a student
    employee of the year reception, and some fun surprises for our student employees.
    3. The Computer Based Testing Center offers the following exams:
    CLEP, College Level Examination Program
    MAT, Miller Analogies Test
    GRE, Graduate Record Examination Test
    GMAT, Graduate Management Admission Test
    TOEFL, Test of English as a Foreign Language
    Praxis I
    4. The people in charge of this wonderful newsletter are Heather Brunetta, Interim
    Coordinator of the Student Employment Center and Jessica Reed, Graduate
    Assistant in Career Services/Student Employment.
    5. The newest addition to the IUP community is Dr. Tony Atwater, the new president of
    IUP. Dr. Atwater came to IUP after serving as the Provost and Vice President of
    Academic Affairs at Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio.
    6. Visit www.iup.edu/internships for information regarding whom to contact for
    internships opportunities in your department. The Office of Career Services
    also posts internship opportunities online at www.iup.edu/career.

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    Thank you

    The Student Employment Center wishes to thank all of the contributing writers. Your efforts are greatly
    appreciated. We also thank those who encouraged others to write. Thank you for taking time out of your
    busy schedules to assist the Student Employment Center in preparing student employees for success.

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