Spring 2002

  • Introduction

    The Student Employment Center is pleased to bring to you its second edition of the Student Employment Center Newsletter. We hope you find this newsletter to be informative and enjoyable.
    The Student Employment Center is hard at work preparing for Student Employment Appreciation Week (April 7-13, 2002). You will find a copy of the week’s agenda inside.

    This past Spring semester, the Student Employment Center sponsored a workshop entitled: “Would You Do Business With You?” Ms. Pamela Schuck, presenter, led us through an outstanding presentation on service excellence. Those who attended left feeling motivated and inspired by the infectious enthusiasm that Ms. Schuck demonstrated.

    As a result of the positive feedback from this presentation, the Student Employment Center is planning another informative workshop for both student employees and student employee supervisors (including university staff that do not oversee student employees but would like to attend). This workshop, entitled “FISH!,” will be conducted during the week of Student Employment Appreciation Week on Monday, April 8.

    So what is the “FISH!” philosophy? It is: Play, make their day, be there, and choose your attitude. This presentation will help solve problems related to recruitment and retention, energy and morale, attitude and accountability, creativity and innovation, and integrity and trust.

    If any of you visited the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market years ago, you would have seen a dreary and smelly fish market. Employees worked long hours, and their attitudes reflected this. However, if you are a visitor of recent years, you will see how the fishmongers at Pike Place created a totally different environment and a new philosophy of work. They have turned their mundane workday into an energetic workplace for themselves. These same employees are now saying, “People are having fun, and they’re also, by the way, buying our fish.”

    This film is guaranteed to inspire individuals to create a more interesting, playful, profitable, and energetic workplace. It will assist in creating an office environment that makes one feel positive and fulfilled by the way the work is completed.

    I invite you to attend. A registration form for this workshop is contained within this newsletter.
    Have a great semester and summer! We’ll be communicating with you again in the fall!

    Tracy VanHorn-Juart, Coordinator
    Student Employment Center

    Contact Information

    Student Employment Center
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    302 Pratt Hall
    c/o Office of Career Services
    Telephone: 724-357-2235
    Fax: 724-357-4079
    Office Hours: M/R/F, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. T/W, 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. While classes are in session.
    Office hours vary during semester breaks and during the summer. Please contact the office for hours of operation during these times.
    E-mail: tracyvan@iup.edu
    Web address: www.iup.edu/sec


    Tracy VanHorn-Juart, Coordinator/Editor
    Sabrina Smith, Graduate Assistant
    Jaime Maudie, Office Assistant
    Enjoy your Spring Break!!
    March 3-10, 2002. Classes resume on Monday, March 11 at 8:00 a.m.

    In This Issue

    Can You Tell Me Where All My Tuition Dollars Go?
    Student Employment Appreciation Week
    New Website Address for SEC
    Did You Remember
    Student Employment Trivia Contest
    Dear Nora Knowledge 
    Student Payroll Services
    Important Information About Federal Work-Study
    “Would You Do Business With You?”
    Upcoming Dates/Events
    Answers to the Trivia Contest
    Comments Section
    Helpful Hints

    Can You Tell Me Where All My Tuition Dollars Go?

    Several times during the year, a student working on a paper for a class contacts the Budget Planning Department. He or she has one question: “Can you tell me where all my tuition dollars go?” When the editor of this newsletter asked me to submit an article for publication, I thought that this might be something that student employees would like to know.

    IUP has different tuition rates for undergraduate or graduate students. We also have different tuition rates for in-state students than we do for those students from out-of-state.
    Undergraduate tuition for in-state students is currently $4,016 per academic year. Because graduate education is more expensive, graduate in-state students are charged $4,600 per academic year.
    If you are an undergraduate student from out-of-state, you are charged more - $10,040 per academic year. Why are you charged more? Because Pennsylvania taxpayers help to pay part of the cost of education for Pennsylvania students. If you are from out-of-state, unfortunately, your tax dollars are not available in our state to help pay for part of your education.

    When the university adds together the money that is available to spend in a year, the main things that we include are:
    The tuition that is collected from our 13,457 students
    IUP receives $58.5M
    The money that the state allocates to IUP
    IUP receives $60.1M
    The fees that you pay for equipment and facilities
    IUP receives $5.4M from Educational Services and Facilities Fee
    Other miscellaneous income – investments, gifts, fees, sales
    IUP has approx $10.5M in miscellaneous income
    Funding that IUP receives from the federal government for Work-Study
    IUP receives nearly $2M to support work-study students.
    When we add up all of these dollars, IUP has approximately $136.5M to spend for the year.
    Keep in mind that these figures do not include the special fee revenues like Housing, Dining, Health, and Activity programs. The money collected for those programs are restricted for use by those activities and can’t be used to pay for other campus operations.
    What on earth do we do with $136.5M?? Below is a general breakdown of how we spend these dollars: Administrative Staff10% ($13.8M)Clerical, Maintenance, Security and Support Staff15% ($20.6M)Student Employment4% ($4.8M)Utilities7% ($10M)Library2% ($3M)Buildings/Facilities2% ($3.2M)Office Supplies, Postage, Phone, Travel4% ($6M)
    Is your money well spent? I think so, but don’t just take it from me!! Over the past decade, IUP has won national recognition for both quality and affordability. Below are just a few of the many examples of our success:

    • The November 2001 Careers and Colleges magazine included IUP in “Great Schools at a Great Price,” praising the university as “a gem of a school.” It notes that IUP offers solid academics and a cultural smorgasbord of lecture series, concerts, and speakers. The article covers only 15 colleges in the nation, and IUP is the only school from Pennsylvania in the listing.
    • IUP was the only Pennsylvania State System University chosen for inclusion in the 2001 edition of the Princeton Review publication, The Best 331 Colleges.
    • Since 1995, U.S. News and World Report has ranked IUP as one of about 200 “national universities.”
    • Barron’s Guide to the Most Prestigious Colleges has listed IUP among the most academically competitive colleges and universities in the nation.
    • IUP’s Robert E. Cook Honors College is featured in Donald Asher’s 2000 edition of Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent.

    I hope that you believe that your tuition dollars are well spent at IUP. You have made an excellent decision by choosing to be an IUP student. As a student employee of the university, you have made another good decision. The work experience and relationships that you develop as you work on our campus will be invaluable to you when seeking permanent employment and working in various settings during your career.

    Have a great semester!
    Cynthia L. Strittmatter
    IUP, Director of Budget Planning
    (and Former IUP Undergraduate Student Employee ☺)

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    Student Employment Appreciation Week

    By Sabrina Smith, Graduate Assistant, Student Employment Center
    Once again the Student Employment Center at IUP, along with colleges and universities across the country, is celebrating National Student Employment Week. This week is designated for the recognition of the value of student employment and the important work that student employees contribute every day.

    The Student Employment Center is planning several events for the celebration. The kick-off is Friday, April 5, when goody bags will be distributed with paychecks to each and every on-campus student employee. Then, on Monday, April 8, a workshop entitled “FISH!” will be presented from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. This workshop demonstrates the “FISH!” philosophy of changing a mundane work environment to an exciting and energetic place to work. Lunch will be provided for those who attend (see registration form provided!).

    Wednesday, April 10, is the annual Student Employee of the Year Reception. Nomination forms have been collected from supervisors, and the candidates, as in every year, are excellent. All students nominated for Student Employee of the Year, as well as their office supporters, are invited to attend the reception that recognizes the winner and the runners-up.
    Finally, mark your calendars for April 12! An ice cream buffet will be held in the Delaware Room of the new Recreation Center (located behind the HUB). Student employees and university staff are invited to come out and make their own sundaes from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

    Student Employment Appreciation Week is an exciting time dedicated to recognizing the student employees without whom the university could not function. So plan on coming out to celebrate student workers, our most valuable resource!

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    New Website Address for SEC

    By Nichole Fest, Student Employee
    The Student Employment Center (SEC) has taken on a new look with its new website! The new SEC website address is http://www.iup.edu/sec. This site offers many resources to students, student employees, and employers. With the new website, students may now look on line for available jobs on and off campus.

    The posted job listings provide students with a job title, contact name, address, phone number, and a job description. Once students are hired, they may utilize the website in other ways. There is a section on the website devoted to student employees, and it offers them resources on job search, job duties, interviewing tips, the Learning Center Work Study Program (LCWSP), employee guidelines, telephone guidelines, advantages and disadvantages of on and off campus employment, questions about Financial Aid and University Employment, and IUP Student Payroll Services.

    For employers, the website hosts on- and off- campus job vacancy forms they can fill out when they have available job positions. The website will also post all newsletters that have been issued, in case you missed a newsletter but still wanted to read it.

    Another feature with the interactive SEC is that its main page will feature upcoming events. For example, right now, Student Employment Appreciation Week is spotlighted, since it is April 7-13, 2002. Click on this option to review some ideas for celebrating this special week and for nominating a student employee for the student employee of the year award.
    So, if you haven’t already done so, surf on over to the SEC website and check it out today!

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    Did You Remember…

    to register for the “Fish!” workshop?
    Monday, April 8, 2002, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Location: Eberly College of Business Auditorium
    This film is guaranteed to inspire individuals to create a more interesting, playful, profitable, and energetic workplace. It will assist in creating an office environment that makes one feel positive and fulfilled by the way the work is completed.

    All student employees and student employee supervisors and/or other university staff members who are interested are invited. If you have not registered but would like to attend, please submit the registration form provided.

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    Student Employment Trivia Contest

    By Melinda Skok, Student Employee
    1) What is the date of the FISH! Workshop that is being sponsored by the Student Employment Center?
    2) What website address is utilized to access the part-time student job listings?
    3) The week of April 7-13 has gained the title of what?
    4) True or False: If you do not qualify for federal work-study, you cannot get an on-campus job?
    5) True or False: There are on-campus jobs that offer nightly hours, (5 p.m. – 11 p.m.)
    6) True or False: The Student Employment Center is located within the Office of Career Services?
    7) What is the maximum number of hours a student can work per week while enrolled in classes?
    8) What is the maximum number of hours students can work per week in the summer if they are not enrolled in classes but their intent is to return in the fall?
    9) True or False: The Student Employment Center is open the same hours as Career Services.
    10) All student employees are welcome to submit their ideas for future newsletters. What e-mail address or campus address would you send your ideas to?
    Answers may be found later on in the newsletter

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    Dear Nora Knowledge

    Dear Nora,
    If I do not owe federal income tax, am I required to file a state income tax form?
    -Concerned Student

    Dear Concerned Student Taxpayer,
    The filing requirements are different for federal, state, and local taxes. Please refer to the publication for your state or contact your local tax authority for more information. To provide you with one example, employees whose gross earnings are $35 or more are required to file a Pennsylvania state tax return.
    Nora Knowledge

    Student Payroll Services

    The Student Payroll Office has relocated to G8 Sutton Hall.
    The main office phone number has not changed. It is 724-357-2511
    The Fax number has changed to
    Occupational Privilege Tax (OPT)
    The $10.00 Occupational Privilege Tax is withheld from student employees annually when the gross payroll exceeds $2,000. If you are employed off campus and the OPT tax has been withheld for the year 2002, it is your responsibility to provide proof that the tax has already been deducted by another employer. Upon receipt of documentation, your student payroll tax deduction record will be blocked for this tax. If you do not provide this documentation, you will have to contact the appropriate taxing authority for a refund.

    Tax Information
    The following forms have been mailed to the permanent address printed on the bi-weekly pay checks: W-2 Wage, Tax Statement 2001, and 1042-S Foreign Person’s U. S. Source Income Subject to Withholding. Please be advised that April 15 is the filing deadline for federal, state, and local taxes as applicable to the employee.


    By Aileen Bowman, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

    In order to be considered for the Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP) for Fall 2002, you must file the 2002-2003 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or Renewal FAFSA, and the 2002-2003 Fall/Spring Federal Work-Study Application. The Fall/Spring FWS application will be distributed with the March 22 paycheck. If you have not already received the 2002-2003 FAFSA, you may obtain one from the Financial Aid Office or apply online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. The deadline for both applications is April 15, 2002. If you do not submit the FWS application by April 15, you might not qualify at a later date based on other aid awarded, such as Federal Stafford Loans.

    Important Information about Federal Work-Study

    If you are interested in working under Federal Work-Study during Summer 2002, there is a separate application process. This process begins after spring break (March 3-March 10). You must first secure a position. You and your employer need to complete the Federal Student Employment Profile/Job Assignment form, and you must submit it to the Financial Aid Office. At the time of submission, you must complete the Summer 2002 IUP Financial Aid Application. The Financial Aid Office will only process summer Federal Work-Study requests for students who have submitted both of these documents.
    You can check the status of your awards by visiting the website www.banner.iup.edu and logging into the secured area with your IUP student ID number and PIN. Also, be sure to check the message area for important information about your financial aid status.
    Please contact the Financial Aid Office, Clark Hall, if you require additional information about FWSP.

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    “Would You Do Business With You?”

    By Tracy VanHorn-Juart
    During the Fall 2001 semester, the Student Employment Center sponsored a workshop entitled “Would You Do Business With You?” Ms. Pamela Schuck, presenter, led her audience through an outstanding presentation on service excellence. She focused on building superior customer service skills and developing ancillary skills that influence the service culture.
    Pam’s definition of “customer service” is “People being nice to people.” She explained that human relations is 90% attitude and 10% skill! Her explanation of attitude is:
    • A positive attitude provides the courage to address a problem and take action to resolve it before it gets out of hand.

    • A positive attitude provides higher energy levels, greater creativity.
    • A cheerful, positive attitude makes you a “beautiful” person and lifts you above the mundane.
    And, by taking a positive attitude to work, you will:
    • make the work week more enjoyable.
    • forget about personal difficulties.
    • establish a “team spirit.”

    The Golden Rule of customer service is “What you give is what you get.” You must make the customer feel heard, feel understood, feel respected, and feel helped. You must listen, understand, and respond to the needs of your customers.
    Service is for everyone; service is people doing nice things! Let common sense be your guide by: making the customer feel special; taking responsibility and ownership; doing your job with pride and enthusiasm (even if you count beans!); having fun; remembering that if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a job; expressing courtesy and good manners; and expressing civility.
    Ms. Schuck encouraged everyone to take pride in what they do and to do more than the minimum. She ended her presentation with a challenge to her audience. She challenged everyone to do 1% more. (Just 1% more!) Whether it be 1% more for a roommate, mother, father, job, class, faculty, employer, employee, or whatever or whomever…just do 1% more.

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    Upcoming Dates/Events…

    4-9 Spring Break!
    28 Salute to Seniors, 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m., Delaware Room in the new Recreation Center (behind the HUB) Excellent opportunity to handle graduation business in one location!

    5 Distribution of “Goody” Bags with student paychecks
    7-13 Student Employment Appreciation Week
    8 “FISH!” Workshop (Eberly College Auditorium) Registration Deadline: March 27, 2002)
    10 Student Employee of the Year Reception (by invitation)
    12 Ice Cream Buffet – Make your own sundae! Delaware Room of the new Recreation Center (behind the HUB)

    1 Classes End
    2-9 Final Examinations
    11 Commencement
    (Congratulations, Graduates!)
    17 2002 Spring Semester Grades Available

    3 Summer Session 1 Begins

    4 Independence Day – No classes
    5 Summer Session 1 Ends
    8 Summer Session 2 Begins

    8 Summer Session 2 Ends
    25 Registration for Fall 2002 Semester
    26 Fall 2002 Semester Classes Begin!

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    Answers to the Student Employment Trivia Contest

    1) April 8, 2002
    2) www.iup.edu/sec
    3) Student Employment Appreciation Week!
    4) False – University Employment is available
    5) True
    6) True
    7) 25 hours
    8) 40 hours
    9) True
    10) tracyvan@iup.edu or 302 Pratt Hall

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    The Student Employment Center wishes to thank all of the contributing writers. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. We also thank those who encouraged others to write. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to assist the Student Employment Center in preparing an informative newsletter.

    Comments Section

    In order to better serve you, we welcome comments/suggestions for future newsletters. Please send these comments/suggestions to: tracyvan@grove.iup.edu.
    Please tell us what you like or dislike, and share your ideas with us for future newsletters!
    Thank you!

    Helpful Hints

    Finding the time to train a new employee is sometimes next to impossible. However, the training provided to this new employee is crucial to his or her success. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow:
    Don’t overload them with information. For starters, provide only the information that affects their current job.
    Do find out what they know. Do not waste time on orienting them to something they already know.
    Do leave one person in charge of each new employee. Have someone work with the new employee as much of the first week as possible.
    Don’t forget to recognize their accomplishments. Knowing if the employee is doing something correctly is very important to them. Instruct them on what to do and why they need to do it. Review the completion of their assignment and commend them if it is done properly.
    Hints are excerpted from the Newsletter of the National Student Employment Association, Volume 19, Issue 5, September 2000 (Reprinted with permission of insideout, JHU Education for Health & Wellness Center, Fall 2000)

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