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Resume FAQ

  • The following FAQ section is devoted to typical questions on resume writing.

    How long should my resume be?

    It depends on your audience and on your own life experiences. While the “one page” rule may apply to most traditional students, students who have a significant amount of experiences ( e.g., students in nursing or education, nontraditional students, graduate students, or campus leaders) may need to use two or more pages.

    Should I list my GPA?

    Students who have an overall or major grade point average of 3.0 or above should include it! Showing that you have done well academically will enhance your resume.

    Do I need to have my resume typed and printed professionally?

    If possible, resumes should always be printed on high-quality bond paper using a laser printer or high-quality typewriter. Avoid dot matrix printers! You can produce your own resume using word processing, or you can choose to have someone assist you. Contact local copying and word processing businesses for prices.

    What type of personal information should I include?

    Generally, stay away from information indicating your age, sex, marital status, religion, height, or weight. This information does not tell an employer about your skills or abilities and can be used to discriminate against you. Only include hobbies if they are related to your career.

    Will creativity on my resume make it stand out?

    Stay away from fancy formats or designs that will focus the employer’s attention on your resume presentation style rather than on its content. For the most part, employers are not impressed with gimmicks. Be conservative in your need to be creative.