Student Registration for College Central On-Campus Interviews

  • Before registering and participating in any on-campus interviewing activities held through the Career and Professional Development Center, please review the following information. Sign up for only those organizations in which you have a sincere interest and whose eligibility requirements you meet.

    Who is eligible to participate in on-campus interviewing?

    • Students who meet the stated qualifications for the position for which the organization is recruiting can participate in the on-campus recruiting process, regardless of major. Qualifications are provided to the Career and Professional Development Center by the employer and e-mailed to specific majors/class levels, with instructions on how to apply.

    Resume Preparation

    • A resume is required for on-campus interviewing. Schedule an appointment with a staff member in the Career and Professional Development Center to have your resume reviewed.


    • On-campus interviews are held in one of two locations on campus: 302 Pratt Hall or 302C Eberly. When scheduling your interview, please make a note of the location.

    Interview Cancellations and No-Show Policy

    • If you need to cancel your interview, notify Jan Shellenbarger (724-357-2235) in the Career and Professional Development Center at least two business days before the interview.
    • In case of an emergency the day of the interview, you must make every effort to contact Jan Shellenbarger at 724-357-2235 so notice can be given to the interviewer.
    • Failure to show up for an interview may result in your suspension from future interviews.