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Virtual Meeting Etiquette — Etiquette tips for working with virtual settings, such as Zoom and Skype, as well as while participating in online courses.

Navigating Etiquette Like a Pro: Manners Matter

sumés and Cover Letters: The Basics — Do you have a résumé or cover letter that needs to be updated? Or have you never written one of these documents in your life? Regardless of where you are, this presentation, led by CPDC Associate Director Kelsey Thompson, will cover all the résumé and cover letter writing basics you need to know.

Interviewing 101 — Interviewing can be intimidating, but not when you know what to expect and how to prepare. Join IUP CPDC Associate Director Kelsey Thompson as she covers the types of interviews you might encounter (there are probably more than you thought!), how to prepare and answer common interview questions, what questions you should ask, and so much more.

Job and Internship Search Strategies — If you've ever wondered the best way to search for a job or internship, how do so effectively, or just where to start, then this session is for you! Join the IUP CPDC as they share tips and tricks on how to search for both internships and full-time jobs. (Recorded session - YouTube)

Leveraging the Powerful Effects of Body Language in your Work — Body language is a powerful tool; thus, knowledge regarding body language provides insight into your daily professional and personal interactions with others. Whether you're reading a prospective employee in an interview or dealing with a challenging employee in difficult circumstances, understanding body language will allow you to operate with ease and effectiveness. YouTube session.

Applying to Graduate School: Everything You Wanted to Know — In this session, IUP CPDC team members will cover the best way to approach looking for graduate programs, and things you need to know to apply. Sometimes the process can be daunting and overwhelming, but we'll help to provide you with tips and tricks to make sure that you know exactly what you need and are prepared to excel. (Recorded session - YouTube).

Networking: What it is and How to Use it Effectively — The art of networking effectively is something that takes time, skills, and practice. Join the IUP CPDC as they debunk common networking myths (no, it's not asking for a job!) and share some helpful tips on how you can do it effectively. (Video link will be added closer to event). (Recorded session - YouTube)

Conducting a Job Search in the Midst of a Pandemic. and Post-Pandemic — For many of us, searching for a job or an internship can be a bit daunting; and during a pandemic that's interfering with normal daily life as well as the economy, well, the job search may be even more daunting. Join us for a discussion about searching for a job during this challenging time. Remember, IUP and your Career and Professional Development Center are here to support our students and graduates. Six O'Clock Series event. (Recorded session - YouTube)

Creating and Using Your LinkedIn Profile — What is LinkedIn, and should I be using it? If you're asking yourself this question, then this session is for you! Or, if you're a seasoned pro, we might share some additional pointers you've not yet thought of. The IUP CPDC will break down why you should have a LinkedIn account, what to include on your account, plus the many features it has to help you connect and build a professional network. (Recorded session - YouTube).