Association for Supply Chain Management APICS

  • Association for Supply Chain/Operations Management provides students with networking and knowledge exchange opportunities in the field of operations management, as well as assisting them in obtaining widely sought certification through active cooperation with APICS. Membership in this organization is open to all members of the IUP community.

    Mission of the Organization:

    The IUP APICS mission is to give members a better understanding of supply chain and operations management. In addition, it provides opportunities to develop leadership skills, network with business professionals, and gain potential workplace exposure.

    How to Join:

    Interested students are encouraged to e-mail for more information. Students also should request to join APICS through Crimson Connect.

    Requirements of Members (Membership Fees, Attendance, etc.)

    Membership is $10 per semester; members must attend monthly meetings or notify officers of absence in advance. All majors are welcomed.

    List of 2018–19 Meeting Dates/Times/Locations

    All meetings will be held in Room 121 of the Eberly College of Business at 7:45 pm.

    Meetings will be held every other Wednesday, starting September 12, 2018.

    List of 2018–19 Events/Activities

    • Bi-weekly meetings
    • Tours of  FedEx, Corelle Brands, US Steel and Sheetz. 
    • Guest speakers from DHL,  and Career and Professional Development Center, APICS Pittsburgh Chapter and Fed Ex.

      Member Testimonials

    “APICS has allowed for me to gain critical leadership experiences before entering a professional organization full time. Through guest speaker and tour events, I have learned unique things about the supply chain field. These experiences will help in transitioning to the workplace as well as understanding more complex ideologies. I encourage all students at IUP to get involved on campus and, more specifically, to join a student organization within the business college.”
    —Cole McSwaney, President

    “I joined APICS last year during my junior year of college. At first, I thought I joined too late to make a difference. During my first semester in, I was given opportunities to hold important positions that led to my joining of the leadership team, and that’s when I realized it’s never too late to join. Being the most relevant organization on campus to supply chain management majors, APICS is an opportunity for you to build your professional resume, gain leadership experience, and contribute to an organization that elevates supply chain excellence.”
    —Michael Roby, Executive Chairman

    “I did not decide to join APICS until my junior year of college, and I almost did not join then because I thought it would be too late. While I do think that I should have joined as a freshman and sophomore, it is never too late to join and begin to connect with people and organizations. I am excited to continue to have opportunities to grow throughout this year, as we have awesome plans coming up.”
    —Daulton Sarver, Treasurer

    “APICS is one of the top organizations that the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology has available. Through my time with this association I have been able to network with professionals, make great friends, and learn how the business world operates before going full-time. I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in professional development to join APICS.”
    —Jordan Hawker, Program Chairman

    “At first I was hesitant to join APICS because I was not planning to enter the supply chain or operations management fields. After joining, I realize that any business or statistics related major should consider this organization. You will have the opportunity for leadership exposure and be able to network with a lot of interesting students and professionals.”
    —Josh Edgar, Vice President

    Useful Links:

    Please Note: IUP APICS is open to both undergraduate and MBA candidate students. The student organization is also sponsored by the local professional APICS Chapter, APICS Pittsburgh.

    Role Name E-mail
    Advisor Richard Sandbothe
    Advisor Ramesh Soni
    President Josh Edgar
    Vice President Jordan Hawker
    Treasurer Angela Wilsoncraft
    Secretary William Turner
    Social Media/Marketing Rachel Snow
    Program Dan Cassidy
    Social Josh Pentz
    Service Brad Hooven
    Fundraiser Chair 
    Sean Corriere
    Executive Chairman Alexandra Keegan
    APICS Liason Meghan Bednar 

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