Student Statement

Being a senior Marketing major here at IUP, I am obviously heavily involved the job search process. I have been getting the Wall Street Journal for about six months.

Currently the price that I pay is a yearly fee and it is $99 for both on-line access and home delivery.Although I have had the subscription for nearly six months, I just recently started reading it cover to cover, and I have not only been able to enrich myself in the business world, but I have been able to use the knowledge that I acquire in my interviews. I cannot count on both hands how many times an article in the Journal has helped me to look more professional and knowledgeable.

Reading this journal every day can be a tool for any class level.Freshmen and sophomores can benefit by staying up to date on their current events and also, they will be able to apply the knowledge they are learning in the classroom to the articles they read about in the paper. The articles not only keep me up to date on my current events, they help me to identify and apply the concepts that I learned in the classroom as a business student.

Jerome Myers, Senior Marketing Major