Letter to Students

  • Dear IUP Eberly College Student:

    The Eberly College of Business and Information Technology is pleased to announce that the IUP Council of Trustees has approved an Academic Partnership Program with The Wall Street Journal.  Effective with the Spring 2008 semester, The Wall Street Journal will be one of your key academic tools during your time as a business major. 

    As a business student, you will receive access to the on-line edition of The Wall Street Journal—WSJ.com. Your on-line subscription also includes access to The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Asian Wall Street Journal, Career Journal, College Journal, and ninety days of archives. Furthermore, the print edition will be placed in kiosks in various locations in the IUP Eberly College.

    Dow Jones will provide workshops during the semester to assist students in gaining a better understanding of the value of the WSJ and to learn strategies related to readership and navigation. These workshops will be publicized broadly.

    The Wall Street Journal will prove to be a valuable resource in many of your classes, promoting an increase in the discussion of current events and enabling the application of current events to better understand textbook theory. Over sixty-five business schools across the country are WSJ partners and are integrating real-time, real-world news into curriculums. The partnership program is helping to meet expectations of corporate employers looking to hire graduates who are not only proficient in their disciplines, but also have a comprehensive understanding of today's competitive global environment. 

    During the second week of the Fall term, information will be sent to your IUP e-mail account regarding membership and on-line access to the WSJ partnership program. Also, WSJ Information and a Q-and-A will be posted to the Eberly website on a regular basis.

    We are pleased to be able to enter into this partnership program and feel confident that it will enhance your learning experience and help to better prepare you for work in the business world. Questions regarding the partnership can be directed to Assistant Dean Cynthia Strittmatter at Clstritt@iup.edu.


    Robert C. Camp, Dean