FAQs about the Wall Street Journal Partnership

This Q&A will be updated as questions are submitted. Please e-mail clstritt@iup.edu if your particular question is not answered below.

I am already a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, but my subscription was more than double the cost that it is with the Academic Partnership Program. Can I get a refund?

Yes! The WSJ will provide us with a list of students who already subscribe. We will contact the students to explain the partnership price and work with WSJ to refund the student. If you are not contacted via IUP e-mail, please contact clstritt@iup.edu.

Is this fee mandatory?

Yes. After reviewing the benefits of the WSJ Academic Partnership Program for the business majors of IUP, the IUP Council of Trustees approved this as a mandatory fee effective with the spring 2008 semester. There are 65 schools of business across the country that participate in the Academic Partnership Program.

Where will I be able to get my hard copy of the Wall Street Journal?

There will be several kiosks set up on the first and second floor atriums of the IUP Eberly College. The Wall Street Journal will be delivered Monday through Saturday during each academic semester.

When I graduate, does my access to the WSJ end immediately?

No. While hard-copy access will discontinue at the end of the semester, the WSJ has agreed to permit our students who pay in the spring semester to continue with online access through August 31 of that year. Students can continue to access all information, including the online career placement/job opportunity resources, through the summer.

I am off campus this semester. Do I still have to pay the WSJ fee?

No. Students at Pittsburgh East, Butler, Northpointe, Punxsutawney, and CCAC will be exempted from the WSJ fee automatically. Other enrolled students who are not on campus for the semester may be considered for an exemption by contacting Assistant Dean Strittmatter at clstritt@iup.edu.

When will I be able to access the WSJ online?

The WSJ will send you an e-mail in January before the start of the spring semester and will provide you with instructions regarding how to register online. Log in to access the online version of the WSJ.

How will I learn to navigate both the hard-copy and online WSJ materials?

Representatives from WSJ will be on campus several times during the academic year to make presentations to students in Eberly regarding how to take advantage of both the hard-copy and online journal information. Students are encouraged to attend.

Will I need to take a hard copy of the WSJ with me to my business classes?

Each of your faculty members will let you know if a hard copy of the WSJ is needed for a particular class period. Faculty members across all business disciplines will be incorporating the WSJ into their curriculum. The WSJ will be one of your academic resources during your time as a business student.

I am already a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal and would prefer to keep the program that I already have because I receive the journal at my home address. Can I be exempt from the WSJ fee?

Yes! In order to be exempt for this reason, the student must provide us with evidence that he/she is already a subscriber to the hard copy and online version of the WSJ for the semester which the billing cycle covers.