Benefits Statement

Today's Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently introduced significant improvements and enhancements to the content and organization of the paper. The launch unveiled a new section on personal finance, the use of color to highlight distinctive sections, and an overall design that makes the paper attractive to many first-time college student readers.

Recruiting Tool

A partnership with Dow Jones provides tools such as that graduating students can utilize during their job search. The program also demonstrates to students and faculty your commitment to offering a product of value in their lives.

Leverage Your Technology Investment

Increase the usage and value of your technology by making part of the classroom teaching and department-wide learning experience.

This website is a professor's on-line gateway to our set of comprehensive educational resources. Planning and content tools show professors new ways to integrate today's Journal into their classes and direct them to the day's news stories.

Weekly Reviews

Faculty, experienced with Journal-In-Education programs, offer weekly article summaries in seventeen disciplines, providing a valuable resource for class planning and project development.

Faculty Resource Guide

Provides faculty members with a wealth of professor-developed projects, assignments, exams, and discussion points.

Lifelong Learning

Keep students current and well informed about both the opportunities and challenges they'll face in business and lifeso they can form opinions and lead proactive lifestyles.

Critical Thinking Skills

Business leaders rely on the Journal to help make sense of the changing world around them and to inform them about what's important and relevant. Students develop these same skills when the paper is integrated into the classroom.

Build Careers

From broad exposure to many different industries to the development of essential entrepreneurial skills, the Wall Street Journal is an invaluable career resource.

Student Guide, Video, and

Help your students connect with today's Journal in a deeper, more productive way, with clear explanations of our content and editorial approaches in print and on line.

Innovation and Quality Assurance

According to the latest Pew Research Center for The People and The Press, the Wall Street Journal is the most credible news source among all traditional outlets. Whether in print or on line, we strive to uncover how business competes.