Forms for Clients

  • Prospective clients of the SBDC need to complete a Request for Counseling and Client Rights and Responsibilities form in order to receive the counseling services offered by the SBDC.

    Request for Counseling 

    Visit PA SBDC eCenter for online signup.  

    • Enter your first and last names and email address.  
    • Click "Proceed with Sign-up."
    • Enter requested information. Be sure to read the document and select "Yes" or "No" at the end the online form before signing it electronically.
    • Submit the information.  
    • You will receive e-mail confirmation when the signup has been received by the SBDC. 
    • Paper forms are available for those who do not have an e-mail address. Contact us at 724-357-7915 to request a form.
  • Prep Waiver
    There are economic development and growth programs outside of the SBDC from which a client may benefit.  The Prep waiver is to be completed by all clients to either agree or not agree to the release of their information with the other programs.
    Client RR Form Revised 11_2014
    Revised Client Rights & Responsibilities Form - Nov. 2014.  To be completed by clients using paper Request for Counseling form or those not registering online - effective May 20, 2015.
    Publicity Release Form - Revised 11_2014
    Revised SBDC Publicity Release Form - Nov. 2014
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