Room Reservations in Eberly

  • Please contact the following:

    Room Number
    Room Purpose
    Contact Name
    Contact Number
    Contact E-mail
    All Classrooms
    Cindy Varner (724) 357-2217
    All Computer Labs
    John Lundberg

    (724) 388-3491
    Cyndy Strittmatter
    101 Auditorium
    Tracey Emanuel
    (724) 357-2929
    Cafe We do not reserve the Cafe.
    108 D
    Conference Room
    Wendy Kopczyk
    (724) 357-4841
    Board Room
    Stacy Stewart
    (724) 357-3776
    302 C
    Corporate Relations Board Room
    Maureen Bash
    (724) 357-3820
    320 AACSB Conference Room - Eberly Personnel Only
    Meghan Moore

    (724) 357-4818
    401 F
    Dean's Conference Room
    Wendy Henry
    (724) 357-4783

    At some point in the future, an automated room scheduler will be implemented so availability can be viewed and rooms can be booked electronically. In the meantime, please contact those listed above.