Assurance of Learning, Undergraduate: Goals, Objectives, and Course Alignment

  • Undergraduate Direct Assessment: Course Embedded Measures
    Goal Learning Goals: An ECOBIT graduate will be able to: Learning Objective Course and Assessment Method
    1 Understand core knowledge of business functional disciplines and their interdisciplinary nature ; have the ability to integrate them Obj A: Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the core business functional areas ETS Major field tests by functional area
    Obj B: Analyze and synthesize knowledge from different functional areas and generate alternative solutions to business issues Bus. Strategy – written case analysis assignments and class discussions of case studies
    2 Communicate effectively Obj A: Produce professional quality written communication Bus. Communication – resume, application letter
    Obj B: Deliver professional quality oral presentation

    Bus. Communication – oral presentation

    Bus. Strategy – oral presentation

    Obj C: Demonstrate effective communication skills in a team setting Bus. Communication – project report
    3 Exhibit data analysis , critical thinking , and decision making skills Obj A: Comprehend appropriate quantitative methods and apply them to various problems using statistical packages and manual techniques Statistics – ANOVA exam questions
    Obj B: Apply appropriate analytical techniques to a given business problem, generate and compare alternatives, and develop a solution

    Bus. Strategy – written case analysis assignments and class discussions of case studies

    Finance – loan amortization spreadsheet analysis

    Obj C: Analyze and evaluate legal issues confronting business by reviewing relevant court decisions Bus. Law - legal case analysis
    4 Demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to work effectively in teams Obj A: Comprehend the theories and frameworks pertaining to leadership and team work Management – student peer evaluation and a standardized quiz
    5 Integrate and value a global perspective as well as demographic and cross-cultural diversity in a business environment Obj A: Demonstrate knowledge of socially sensitive tenets for working with people of different cultures Management – standardized quiz
    Obj B: Analyze business and organizational issues in a global setting

    Marketing – standardized quiz

    Operations Management – standardized quiz

    6 Understand the implications of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethical behavior Obj A: Comprehend the concepts pertaining to CSR and ethics

    Financial Accounting – pre-quiz and post-quiz

    Managerial Accounting – pre-quiz and post-quiz

    Management standardized quiz

    Obj B: Analyze and evaluate CSR and/or ethics issues confronting businesses

    Bus. Law - social audit of a student chosen corp.

    Marketing - standardized quiz

    7 Demonstrate proficiency in the use of technology Obj A: Comprehend, analyze, and evaluate different technologies employed in Computer Based Information Systems within organizations Info Systems – standardized quiz
    Obj B: Comprehend, analyze and evaluate the application of various business software including spreadsheets, databases, and ERP, for solving organizational problems

    Info. Systems – standardized quiz

    Finance – stock valuation assignment

    Operations Management – Excel assignment

    8 Possess a well - rounded liberal studies education that values the need for continuous learning and adaptation to change Liberal Studies – GPA