Past Alumi Award Winners

  • Enduring Leadership and Service

    2012 – Susan S. Delaney, University Trustee

    2012 – Gealy W. Wallwork, University Trustee

    Eberly Outstanding Business Professional

    2009 – Chuck Leyh, Chairman of the Board and President, Enterprise Bank

    2008 – Julie A. Caponi, Vice President, Audit, Alcoa

    2007 – Chris M. Holuta, Vice President/Accountant, Reschini Insurance Agency

    2006 – Norman G. Fornella, Executive Vice President and CFO, Dick Corporation

    2005 – Patricia J. Darnley, President and CEO, University Health Plans (UHP)

    2002 – Timothy M. Pulte, Senior Vice President, College Park Campus Partners, Inc. and Corporate Services GMH Capital Partners, L.P.

    2001 – Nadav Baum, Director of Investments, Salomon Smith Barney

    2000 – Timothy W. Wallace, CEO, FullTilt Solutions Inc.

    1999 – Ralph Hardt, President and CEO, Oberg Industries, Inc.

    1998 – John Kennedy, President, BT Office Products International

    1997 – Terry L. Dunlap, General Manager, Production Control – Customer Service, Allegheny Ludlum Corporation

    1996 – Rosemary Krolick, President and CEO, Commonwealth Systems Corporation and Senior Vice President and CIO, First Commonwealth Financial Corporation

    Eberly Outstanding Entrepreneur

    2009 - David G. Bluemling, CPA, Chief Executive Officer, Malin Bergquist & Company, LLP

    2008 - James D. Scalo, President, Burns & Scalo Real Estate Services, Inc.

    2007 – Razi Imam, Chief Executive Officer, Landslide Technologies, Inc.

    2006 – James B. Renacci, President, LTC Management Services Inc.

    2005 – George G. Braunegg, Financial Services – Director, CAST Management Consultants, Inc.

    2004 – Rick Robshaw, President, and Tom Robshaw, Senior Vice President, Pro-Shop Keeper Software, Inc.

    2003 – Paul R. Curry, President and Owner, Miller Information Systems

    2002 – G. Daniel Prushnok, Chairman, President, and CEO, Quintech Electronics and Communications, Inc.

    2001 – Keith Bryan, Founder and President, Alliance Fire Systems, Inc.

    2000 – William L. Honnef, Director of Sales and Alliances, Internet Stored Value of CyberSource

    1999 – Thomas J. Costa, Chairman and CEO, Onesearch, Inc.

    1998 – Thomas E. Wallace, President, IKON Office Solutions Technology Services

    1997 – David M. Fredericks, Founder and Managing Director, Fredericks Michael & Co.

    1996 – Terry A. Serafini, Co-owner, Computerpeople, Inc.

    Eberly Lifetime Achievement in Business Award

    2002 – William R. Shipley, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

    2001 – Robert Reynolds, C.P.C.U., A.A.I., A.R.M., C.P.I.A ’48 – Chairman, Wallace M. Reid Co.