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2013 23rd Annual IUP Business Golf Classic Participants

  • Sudhir Achar - Vantage Agora, Inc.

    Jim Adamek - iPipeline Foursome

    Kevin Adamek - RedVector Foursome

    Matt Adamek - iPipeline Foursome

    Dan Alcorn - ePlus/NetApp Foursome

    Bob Altimore - BPU Investment Group, Inc. Foursome

    Sekhar Anantharaman - Faculty, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    Paul Azzarelli  '86 - ePlus/NetApp Foursome

    Ron Barnes - McKinley Carter Wealth Services Foursome

    Huey Bartolini - First Commonwealth Bank Foursome

    Nadav Baum '85 - The Nadav Baum Group, BPU Investment Management, Inc. - Silver Sponsor

    Prashanth Bharadwaj - Dean's Associate, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    Kristee Blanciak - ePlus/NetApp Foursome

    David Bluemling '85 - Malin, Bergquist & Company, LLP Foursome

    Ron Braun - The Elliott Group Foursome

    Keith Bryan - Red Vector Foursome

    Robert Camp - Dean, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    Lindsay Campbell - Miller Information Systems

    Mike Carrovale - The Gleason Agency Foursome

    Mike Ciocca - S&T Bank Foursome

    Rob Clark - Clark Metal Products

    Frank Condino - IUP Athletics

    Vic Conrad '87 - Pinnacle Financial

    Craig Cortelyou - The Elliott Group Foursome

    Ken Cuccinelli - Peoples TWP Foursome

    Ryan Curry - Miller Information Systems

    Dave Donley - First Commonwealth Bank Foursome

    Wally Enick - First Commonwealth Bank Foursome

    Craig Fielder - Malin Bergquist & Co. LLP Foursome

    Dave Finui M'82 - S&T Trust Foursome

    Barry Ford - First Commonwealth Bank Foursome

    Lou Garzarelli '95, M'04 - Aramark Foursome

    Norb Georges - The Elliott Group Foursome

    Dave Giron - Aramark Foursome

    Paul Grieggs '92 - ePlus/NetApp Foursome

    Daniel Gunther - The Elliott Group Foursome

    Gina Hazelet '80 - Sheetz Foursome

    Bob Hovanec '76 - Peoples TWP Foursome

    Bill Hunter '79 - iPipeline Foursome

    Lee Hurwitz - BPU Investment Group, Inc. Foursome

    Frank Jones - S&T Trust Sponsor

    Lenny Kasubick - Aramark Foursome

    Dennis King - Sheetz Foursome

    Bill Kinol - Enterprise Bank Foursome

    Jerry Kline - Faculty, Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    David Kramer '79 - Domain Consulting Group Foursome

    Steve Kusnir '76 - Peoples TWP Foursome

    Alex Kuzneski - Sheetz Foursome

    Dave Lample - BPU Investment Group, Inc. Foursome

    Walt Lewis '70 - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Chuck Leyh '80 - Enterprise Bank Foursome

    John Liebenguth '79 - Domain Consulting Group Foursome 

    Doug Lockard - Enterprise Bank Foursome

    Joe Lombardi - The Reschini Group Foursome 

    Tim McElhone '04 - U.S. Steel

    Chuck Matone

    Jeffrey Matrazzo - U.S. Steel Foursome

    Tim McElhone '04 - U.S. Steel Foursome

    Mike Meyers '98 - Sheetz Foursome

    Jay Migliozzi - Red Vector Fousome

    Jeff Montegomery '92 - ePlus/NetApp Foursome

    Robert Moyer '79 - Domain Consulting Group Foursome

    Dave North - Aramark Foursome

    Jim Owens - S&T Bank Foursome

    CJ Patrick - Peoples TWP Foursome

    Greg Pearson - Enterprise Bank Foursome

    Alan Pepoy '81 - The Gleason Agency Foursome

    Jeff Peters - U.S. Steel Foursome

    Chuck Pothast M'77 - The Gleason Agency Foursome

    David Prushnok - Red Vector Foursome

    Joe Reschini - The Reschini Group Foursome

    Rig Riggins - Malin Bergquist & Co. LLP Foursome

    Dana Ruddock '98 - IUP Center for Family Business Foursome

    Ellen Ruddock '66 - IUP Center for Family Business Foursome

    Michelle Ruddock  M'02 - IUP Center for Family Business Foursome

    Rod Ruddock '65, M'75 - IUP Center for Family Business Foursome

    Tony Sesti - Complete Billing Systems

    Bill Shipley '75 - McKinley Carter Wealth Services

    Bill Smith '69 - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Brad Smith '86 - ePlus/NetApp Foursome

    Bill Speidel - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Gary Tolfa '79 - Domain Consulting Group Foursome

    Joe Tosh - S&T Bank Foursome

    Tom Trimbur - S&T Bank Foursome

    Bill Trusky - The Reschini Group Foursome

    Wes Turiano - S&T Trust Foursome

    Rick Ubinger '81 - Plastikoil of PA

    Brien Wall '70 - Mass Mutual Financial Group

    Brien Wall '12 - PA Department of Revenue

    Pat Wallace - Malin Bergquist & Co. LLP Foursome

    Graham White - McKinley Carter Wealth Services

    Richard Widdowson - U.S. Steel Foursome

    Tom Zaucha - IUP University Advancement Foursome

    Bob Zedreck '78 - The Gleason Agency Foursome