Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo

Two Tickets to Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

Pittsburgh Zoo African Savanna

A panoramic vista of the great grasslands of Africa, populated with animals to encounter up close. The African Savanna, and the Saba Elephant Reserve contained within, teach about life cycles, threats, and conservation of these animals.

Pittsburgh Zoo Asian Forest

A lush forest spanning the vast Asian continent from the islands of Indonesia to mountains that reach the roof of the world, the Asian Forest provides homes to some of the world's most critically endangered creatures.

Pittsburgh Zoo Kids Kingdom

Kids Kingdom is the place where kids rule and learn what it's like to be an animal by acting like one. Ranked one of the top children's zoos in the country, Kids Kingdom features animals native to Pennsylvania, a petting zoo, reptiles, small mammals, and much more.

Pittsburgh Zoo Bears

Our colossal bears forage through the rocky grottos of the Bear Densthe oldest exhibit in the zoo, built during the 1930s under the Work Progress Administration program.

Pittsburgh Zoo PPG Aquarium

Planet Earth's Diversity of Water is on full display, featuring an array of aquatic species from every conceivable watery habitatfrom the bountiful Amazon River, to icy Antarctica, to freshwater Pennsylvania streams and rivers, to the warm and exotic oceans of the tropics.

Pittsburgh Zoo Tropical Forest

A verdant tropical rainforest encompassing the globe from the Amazon to Madagascar is the naturalistic home of our impressive primates. Great apes, new and old world monkeys, and prosimians can be found in this exotic jungle canopy.

Pittsburgh Zoo Waters Edge

Journey to a coastal fishing village where man and nature live in harmony, complete with two enormous underwater viewing tunnels and indoor and outdoor viewing windows offering unparalleled views of animals who live where land and water.

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