Highland Country Club

Foursome for Eighteen Holes of Golf with Carts

Highland Country Club

New Highland Country Club

450 Highland Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15229

Golf Course

Beautiful Highland Country Club is located just ten minutes from downtown off the Bellevue/West View exit. Highland's widest fairway (number 8) would be the narrowest fairway in the United States Open, at just 28 yards, where it is also very difficult to control iron shots from the heavy rough. Also on number 8, there are some large hills to contend with, and a perfect level lie is difficult to find. As a result, you'll be able to score well only with accurate driving and iron play. The course is very challenging! Mr. Emil "Dutch" Loeffler (1894-1948) of Oakmont supervised the building of the greens. Highland Country Club was opened for play on July 3, 1920. In the course of more than two hundred years, the club is just the fourth owner of the rolling green hills and lovely grounds known today as Highland Country Club.

Value: $260
Minimum Bid: $130
Minimum Bid Increments: $10

Donated by Jeffrey Cuny and Ed Schoeffel, Highland Country Club