Birdsfoot Golf Club

  • Mini-Membership Savings Booklets Called “Golfer’s Choice Ticket”

    Four Tickets Available and Sold Separately: No Bidding; First Come, First Served

    Birdsfoot Golf Club

    225 Furnace Run Road
    Freeport, Pa. 16229

    Birdsfoot Golf Digest

    What it means:

    Four stars: Outstanding. Plan your next vacation around it.
    Five stars: Superb. Golf at its absolute best. Pay any price to play at least once in your life.

    Sale Price: $20 Per Ticket

    This Golfer’s Choice Ticket is a discount card. If used to its maximum, each ticket will yield $500 in discount value. It includes

    • (Four) Two-for-one greens fees*
    • (Two) Foursome specials
    • (One) All-Day Play special
    • (One) Twosome special
    • (One) Buy one, get one 50 percent off shirts
    • (One) 20 percent off sporting goods
    • (Two) Buy one, get one range tokens 

    The retail value is $39 per card, and there is never an expiration.

    *Normal eighteen-hole green fees cost: $59

    About the actual coupons:

    • Two-for-one: Golfers receive a free eighteen-hole green fee with purchase of a regular green fee and a cart rental. The golfer receiving the free green fee is required to rent a cart at regular price.  The only time this coupon cannot be used is on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and before 12:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise it is good anytime. This one is the most popular because it is a really good deal. It works out to $34/golfer, saving $25/golfer.
    • Four/$160 Weekend: Four golfers play eighteen holes including cart for $160. Valid before 7:30 a.m. and after 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. Must have four golfers for special.
    • Four/$140 Weekend afternoon: Four golfers play eighteen holes including a cart for $140 after noon on Saturday and Sunday. Must have four golfers for special.
    • Two/$60 Weekday: Two golfers play eighteen holes including a cart for $60 Monday–Thursday anytime after noon. Must have two golfers for special.
    • All day play: Monday–Friday play all day including a hot dog lunch for $49. Valid for up to four golfers.
    • The rest are fairly self-explanatory.

    Donated by Michelle L. Hardt, Events Coordinator

    First Ticket: SOLD

    Second Ticket: SOLD

    Third Ticket: Available

    Fourth Ticket: Available