In order to enhance the culture of innovation and growth and expand campuswide entrepreneurship activities, the IUP ExcEL CenterExcellence in Entrepreneurial Leadershipwas established in 2008.

The ExcEL Center is part of Management Services Group and serves to enhance the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and new venture creation throughout the university and local community. It exemplifies IUP's commitment to its service mission.

The ExcEL Center encourages the development of innovation and creates entrepreneurial opportunities by linking IUP to a network of community and business partners. The center provides students across all academic disciplines with opportunities to pursue an entrepreneurial path while continuing their education. Universities that develop entrepreneurial services combined with a flow of innovation are catalysts for the economic development of the surrounding region.

Program Activities

The IUP ExcEL Center allows IUP students to experience a full range of entrepreneurial experiences. This is accomplished through the delivery of undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship coursework, the enhancement and expansion of student involvement in entrepreneurial activities, and the development of additional entrepreneurial community outreach programs:

Academic Entrepreneurship Coursework

As its core mission, IUP is an institute of higher education. In line with this mission, the ExcEL Center offers IUP students the opportunity to expand their entrepreneurship learning opportunities through undergraduate and graduate coursework.


  • Universitywide minor in Entrepreneurship
  • Expansion of entrepreneurship curriculum

Entrepreneurial Student Involvement

While coursework can teach students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, hands-on experience is a critical component of success as an entrepreneur. The ExcEL Center offers multiple ways for students to get more involved in learning about entrepreneurship. From listening to actual entrepreneurs talk about their experiences to joining up with other like-minded students to participate in entrepreneurship-related activities, students can immerse themselves in a culture of innovation.


  • New Venture Creation Assistance Program
  • Entrepreneur Student Placement Center
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence Series
  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization

Entrepreneurial Community Outreach

The ExcEL Center also reaches out to the community by providing both businesses assistance and learning opportunities for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. From general resource materials and business assistance programs to a weeklong entrepreneurship academy for high school students, the ExcEL Center contributes to the local community and economy.


  • Business Plan Competition
  • Growth Accelerator Program
  • Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Entrepreneur Resource Library

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