Read testimonials from family businesses who have benefited from free consultation and programs provided by the Center for Family Business.

Consultation Services

"Family businesses benefit greatly from the consultation and educational programs of the Center for Family Business. My experience has been that seminars are professionally done and are customized to the unique need of the family business. On occasion, I have been asked to co-consult. Confidentiality is always observed. I highly recommend this great resource, tailored for family business."

Betsy Lauber
Executive Director, Foundation for IUP
Formerly Executive Director, Downtown Indiana, Inc.

Core Four Program

"I participated in the Core Four program offered by the Center for Family Business to help me develop a marketing plan for one of my businesses. The course allowed me to focus on and greatly improve the marketing and thus profitability of that business. I feel comfortable talking with the director and partner advisors at the CFB because I know our conversations are confidential. Their experience with many different kinds of businesses has been very valuable to me."

Paula Cummings, Owner
Heritage House Suites

Mini MBA Certificate Program

"The Mini MBA Certificate Program was enjoyable, stimulating, and educational. The instructors were well-versed and presented their information in easily understood formats applicable to the businesses represented in the group. Topics being addressed are pertinent to day-to-day business operations and long-range decisions. All topics are very important to long term business success.

"For instance, understanding how utilization of the Internet on businesses and life in general today was very eye-opening. The interpretation, understanding, and implementation of laws and statutes in day-to-day business activities are absolutely necessary to insure longevity and stability of business. I could give more examples, but suffice it to say, the program is well worth the time and investment.

"I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in the Mini MBA Certificate Program."

Clark W. Walter
Bridges to the Future

"I am a pharmacist and vice president of Diamond Drugs, Inc. I had the privilege of attending the Mini MBA Certificate Program at IUP at the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. Since obtaining Diamond Drugs in 1970, I've had extensive continuing education in pharmacy and psychiatry across the county. I have the greatest respect for Ellen Ruddock, the IUP professors, and the Mini MBA Certificate Program. It was well organized with study materials and superior teaching from the professors and their skilled assistants who taught the course. There was a great deal of interaction among the business owners, and that made it informative and fun.

"Of all the courses that I've taken over the past years, I would say that the IUP Mini MBA Certificate Program was the absolute best without a question. I highly recommend it."

Gib Zilner
Diamond Drugs, Inc.