Please enjoy the shared blogs below written for family businesses.

Buy-Sell Agreements: Is There a Storm on the Horizon? (pdf) by T. Eric Blocker

"Many businesses operate under the terms of a buy-sell agreement. Chances are that, as a business owner, you should have a buy-sell agreement. It is a prudent business practice." Read more.

Can a Business Exit Plan Make You Happy? (pdf) by Emrich M. Stellar, Jr.

"Owning and running a successful privately-held business is a constant challenge that is full of obstacles and opportunities. It is pretty well understood that putting your business (and personal) plan down in writing tends to increase the chances of achieving them." Read more.

Defining Your Family Legacy: It's a Family Affair(pdf) by Susan Schoenfeld

Family champions: Energy for Success (pdf) by Joshua Nacht, PhD

"Business families require effective leadership throughout the system to fulfill their potential. A lot of attention goes to who will be the next leader of the business, and appropriately so. But there is another area in which leadership can bring great value to the family -the role of "family champion." Read more.

Family is Key by Craig Aronoff

"The New York Times columnist David Brooks focuses largely on parsing behavioral science and moral philosophy for practical use.... In a recent column, Brooks probes the role of "family" in society. He notes that individuals "emerge out of families..." and that "the family... is the essential social unit." Read more.

Formalize the Love(pdf) by Tom Hubler

Next-Generation Leader Development: Inside or Outside Experience?by Stephen P. Miller

Obligation or Opportunity(pdf) by Dr. Stephen K. Moyer

"Someday, son, this could be yours !" "That was a statement made to my two brothers and me as we were growing up. My father was very intentional in choosing a vocation. As a devoted father and family man, he deliberately chose to have a family business that would teach us positive work ethic and provide opportunity for multiple generations of our family to work together." Read more.

Planning for Continuity in Family Business: Where, Oh Where, to Begin? by Amy Schuman

"We have wills and trusts in place, thanks to our attorney and accountant. But, it's been quite a while since we signed those papers. I know we need to do more to get ready for the future, but I'm not sure what to do or where to start. Can you help us plan a path forward?" Read more.

Sharpening Your Decision-Making Edge by Michael Fassler

"Over the past 25+ years of consulting with family businesses, I have been witness to some incredibly effective family business leadership teams. They have a sharpened edge when it comes to making decisions." Read more.

Should Junior Generation Family Members Get Extra Vacation Time?by Kelly Lecouvie, PhD

Splitting Roles by Christopher Eckrich

"We often talk about the many hats each person wears in a family business.... Individuals that take on leadership in multiple roles ... are to be greatly appreciated, as with multiple leadership roles come multiple responsibilities." Read more.

What Kind of Leader Are You? by Ed Hart

"The NFL season is upon us, which for many of you is the best time of year.... Each coach has his own unique style for leading his team...."

Why You Should Write Your Family Business History(pdf) by Rachel Landry

"Sometimes we don't know we need something until it's handed to us, and once we have it, we suddenly see and feel its value and we cherish it with all our hearts."