Sherry and Hughes Families

Paul Sherry and Bill Hughes founded 422 Homes of Indiana, Pa., in 1981 with their father-in-law as a silent partner. With an initial investment of $500 each, they started with one location in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and began buying repossessions from a local bank. 422 Homes quickly grew from one location representing one national manufacturing line to six locations representing six lines.

Not only is 422 Homes one of the largest retailers of manufactured and modular homes in the northeast United States, but it also has invested in four of the manufacturing facilities for the products that they sell.

Along the way, the next generation was brought into the business. Paul and Bill each have two sons, and each son holds a critical position within the company: William Hughes is the director of Operations; John Hughes, director of Finance; Paul Sherry, Jr., director of Sales; and Vince Sherry, manager of Murrysville area. Every employee is treated like family. There is an annual awards banquet for the 422 Homes family. Outstanding achievements are acknowledged along with the daily achievements that may be taken for granted during the normal course of business. The majority of the staff has been with the company for more than ten years. Most employees look at working for 422 Homes as a career and not just a job.

To say that 422 Homes is an active member of the community may be understating their contributions. 422 Homes developed a unique, socially conscious program that goes above and beyond "the call of duty" to help fire/disaster victims in its community. 422 Homes established the Fire/Natural Disaster Victim Program. This program places a priority on helping those who have lost their home to disaster by putting all of their resources together in a highly efficient and effective manner to provide homes immediately. The Fire/Natural Disaster Victim Program of 422 Homes has been nationally recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

422 Homes is a member of the National Home Builders Association, local Chamber of Commerce, Indiana/Armstrong County Home Builders Association, and the Pennsylvania and National Manufactured Housing Associations. In addition, Paul and Bill are on the board of directors for the Pennsylvania Manufacturing and Housing Association for set-up and installation procedures and on S&T Bank's advisory board.

The second generation is in place along with a succession plan to ensure a smooth transition between generations. Although the third generation is not of age yet, the expectation is that 422 Homes will continue to build on its foundation through the coming years