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IUP artmark


    • Excellence: We strive for excellence. We are committed to continuous improvement in all that we do.
    • Change: We acknowledge and anticipate change. We will respond innovatively to an ever-changing global environment.
    • Ethics: We recognize that managerial conduct and organizational behavior must be built on an ethical foundation. By example, we will promote ethical conduct and high standards of professional behavior.
    • High Academic Achievement and Standards: We are committed to the promotion of high academic achievement and to maintenance of high academic standards.
    • Respect for the Individual: We recognize that respect for individual talent, temperament, and aspiration is critical to the success of a learning environment. We are, therefore, committed to a learning environment which respects, encourages, and promotes the individual talents of all constituents, including students, faculty, staff, and managers. We are committed to the provision of opportunities for productivity and meaningful work, to appropriate training, and to appropriate recognition for individual contributions.
    • Collegiality: We believe that working together in a collegial fashion is imperative to the achievement of our mission.
    • Shared Governance: We recognize that shared governance fosters a sense of purpose, respect, trust, and concern for the perspective of all constituents. We are committed to an environment and processes that invite, encourage, and utilize constructive participation of faculty, staff, and students in all aspects of decision making.
    • Teaching: Our paramount mission is to learn and help others learn. We will strive for continuous instructional improvement through reflective practice, professional development, and participation in teaching enhancement activities.
    • Research: We believe in the diligent pursuit of knowledge and understanding by conducting research, sharing findings, and integrating new ideas which enhance the learning environment.
    • Service: We recognize that the application of our knowledge and skill will enhance the economic vitality of the region and the efficiency of those organizations which we serve. We are, therefore, committed to the utilization of our knowledge and skill in the service of others.
    • Broad-based Education: We believe in the value of a liberal education and are committed to the holistic development of our students.
    • Diversity: We recognize the increasing necessity in a global economy of accepting diverse perspectives. We are committed, therefore, to the identification, encouragement, and integration of diverse perspectives as a part of our learning environment.
    • Experiential Education: We believe in the importance of providing students with hands-on exposure to the working world. We are committed, therefore, to building bridges to the business community which will provide exposure to the real world and career exploration opportunities for our student body.
    • Technology: We accept the importance of technology as a tool of efficiency. We recognize that the application of technology is imperative in a competitive global environment. We are committed to provide a learning environment which exposes students to the latest information and media technology being applied in the business world.
    • Entrepreneurial Spirit: We recognize the importance of creativity to the free enterprise system. We will, therefore, encourage and value creativity in our learning environment.
    • Partnerships: We recognize the value of partnering with the business community and with other organizations which enhance our ability to meet our mission. We will, therefore, cultivate and expand relationships which provide mutual benefit.