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The Navy is looking for candidates who possess the following qualities:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Between the ages of 19-29
  • Will graduate within the next 2.5 years
  • Taken one year of calculus and one year of calculus-based physics
  • GPA of 3.0 or better

Four Different Career Paths Available

  1. Naval Reactors Engineer (GPA 3.7-4.0)
    • Five-year position in Washington, D.C. (does not deploy)
    • Job entails approving, confirming, and planning the design, operation, and maintenance of over 100 nuclear reactors
    • Supports the operational fleet (submarines and aircraft carriers)
  2. Nuclear Power School Instructor (GPA 3.3-4.0)
    • Four-year position in Charleston, S.C. (does not deploy)
    • Job entails training future nuclear propulsion officers and nuclear field enlisted personnel, while gaining valuable teaching experience in an exciting and technologically advanced curriculum
  3. Submarine Officer (GPA 3.0+)
    • $15,000 sign-on bonus plus an additional $2,000 upon completion of Nuclear Power School
    • Will be stationed on either a Ballistic Missile Trident, Fast Attack, or Guided Missile nuclear-powered submarine
    • During the course of your job, you will oversee everything from engineering operations to weapons and navigational duties
  4. Surface Warfare Officer (GPA 3.0+)
    • $15,000 sign-on bonus plus an additional $2,000 upon completion of Nuclear Power School
    • Will complete a first tour on a conventionally powered combat ship, where you will receive your Surface Warfare Officer Qualification
    • Following your first tour, you will complete Nuclear Power Training and be stationed on an Nimitz-class nuclear powered aircraft carrier
    • There you will manage a virtual city at sea as you oversee the operation and maintenance of the sophisticated nuclear propulsion plant

How can you apply or learn more? Contact:

LT William Huff
Navy Officer Recruiter for Central Pennsylvania
Cell: (814) 969-4213
Office: (814) 867-1804
Fax: (814)237-1548