Meet the Herbarium Committee and Technicians

  • Herbarium Committee

    Michael Tyree, PhD; plant physiological ecologist (Herbarium curator)

    Michael Tyree

    Jerry Pickering, PhD; plant systematist (Curator, 1973–2004)


    Narayanaswamy Bharathan, PhD (Department chair, committee member)

    Narayanaswamy Bharathan

    Holly Travis, DEd; science education (committee member)

    Holly Travis

    Ellen Yerger, PhD; entomologist/ecologist (committee member)

    Ellen Yerger

    Loree Speedy, MS; Field botanist and independent consultant (committee member)

    Loree Speedy

    Herbarium Technicians

    Hanna Yeager (Current)

    Hanna Yeager

    Sarah Knotts (Spring 2018)

    Sydney Tomechko (Fall 2016–Spring 2018)

    Caleb Brady (Fall 2017)

    Laura Wentworth (Spring 2017)

    Erin Janetski (Spring 2016)

    Kirsten Dean (Spring 2015)

    Margeret Wilson (Spring 2015)