Herbarium News and Projects

  • Student worker Caleb doing inventory at the IUP Herbarium1. Inventory of the Main Collection

    Starting January 2015 we began inventorying and entering label data for each specimen into a herbarium database. We estimate the Main Collection contains approximately 10,000 specimens mostly native to western Pennsylvania and occupies 10 herbarium cabinets. We will continue to update our progress below as this project moves forward  

    Progress as of November 2018

    • Specimens entered: 7,781
    • Cabinets completed and resealed: 9 of 10
    • Estimated at: 90% complete

    2. Creation of Honduras Collection

    Lilian Ferrufino (Herbarium director) at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras has shipped specimens to us for inclusion in our plant collection. Specimens arrived dried and pressed, identified with Sarah Knottscollection information. This project will involve mounting specimens, accessioning them into the collection, and digitizing the specimens.  

    Progress as of November 2018

    • 40% complete

    3. Digitizing Main, A.G. Shields, and Honduras collections

    The ultimate goal with all this work is to increase access to the A. G. Shields Herbarium by making the collection available online. We will begin digitizing the entire collection and make them available for use on the web.  

    Progress as of November 2018

    • 0% complete