What Format Should I Use for My Thesis? Paper vs. Poster

Most students do their thesis in the form of a paper. If you wish, you may also do the final presentation of your research in the form of an academic poster. Many disciplines and conferences actually prefer this visual form of presenting your evidence and argument.

If you want to present your work in the form of a poster, you should discuss this possibility with your thesis advisor. You will still be doing the same amount and type of research, but you will be presenting your work in a different way. You can find online guidelines for the layout of an academic poster.

In general, a poster works best for research that is best presented graphically. You will still need to provide an abstract of your findings, a bibliography, and a clear narrative of your findings and their importance. You will still do an oral defense, and your committee members may suggest revisions for the final version of the poster.

As with a written thesis, you are strongly encouraged to present your findings at conferences at IUP and elsewhere. The Asian Studies Program will provide financial support for printing the poster.