Helping Your Student Register for a Thesis

Undergraduate honors theses are handled as independent study credits. You should help the student fill out a "Request for Independent Study" and attach his or her thesis proposal to the form. Once the "Request" is approved, the student will be registered for the credits. Further information about procedures and about what constitutes an acceptable proposal is in the student section of this guide.

All "Request for Independent Study" forms require the signature of the student's adviser, department chairperson, and college dean. A well-written proposal will protect both you and the student from later misunderstandings about what was expected. See the relevant sections in the student part of this guide.

Special note if your student is enrolled in the Honors College:

It is very important that you or your thesis director write "HONORS COLLEGE STUDENT" plainly in the top margin so that the cost of the independent study is charged to the correct university budget line. (Honors College theses are charged to the Honors College, thus saving our department allotment for other students.)


You and your student must submit an Independent Study Form and proposal twiceone for each semester. The second semester credits will not appear by magic on the student's schedule. Unless the form is submitted for the second semester as well as the first, the student will not get creditand you will not be paid.