What is an Artist Residency

  • What Is an Artist Residency?

    In residencies, artists work with teachers and other leaders in educational environments to develop projects that integrate the arts in advancing the goals of the host site. This will generally include up to three core groups, with a recommended maximum of 30 students per group. 

    For schools, ArtsPath artists can also work with teachers in helping to meet state standards in a wide variety of subject areas, including the arts and humanities. Artists are available to participate through in-service activities and community outreach that would involve the entire population of the host site. Residencies may be hosted by any group wishing to use the arts as an educational component, including schools, senior centers, day care centers, health care facilities, businesses, and civic organizations. 

    Artist residencies presented through ArtsPath are for a minimum of 10 days plus one day of planning for individual directory artists, and five days plus a planning day for directory companies and ensembles. Longer residencies are encouraged and given funding priority as they allow for a more in-depth learning experience.