How to Receive Funding

  • What Are the Costs, and How Much Does ArtsPath Cover?

    Children's Dance PerformanceThe cost of a residency will vary depending on the plan developed, the length of the residency, the artist selected, allowable mileage and per diem (if 50 miles of more from their home to the host site), and quality of the application.

    For the minimum residency length of 10 days plus a planning day, the total cost is approximately $4,000, with ArtsPath providing up to 30 percent of the artist fees. For residencies of 15 days, ArtsPath will provide up to 40 percent of the artist fees, and up to 50 percent for residencies of 20 days. Residencies of more than 20 days may be funded over 50 percent, as determined by ArtsPath and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. On a limited basis and with prior approval, ArtsPath is also able to cover supplies up to the same percentage as the artist fees.

    What Can Be Used as Matching Funds?

    The host site can find its match through its own budget, district budget, PTA/PTG/PTO, booster organization, fund-raising event, additional grants (other than the PCA), municipality funding, or private contributions and is responsible for only a percentage of the artist fees and a small 10 percent administrative fee. Once ArtsPath gives final residency approval, the host site administrator will receive a letter of confirmation detailing all costs, and, upon completion of the residency, an invoice for their share of the costs. ArtsPath will handle payment to the artists.

    How Do You Receive Funding?

    It is simple. The  Residency Request and  Residency Planning Documents are available online, from any ArtsPath artist, or by contacting ArtsPath directly. Those considering a residency are encouraged to submit their Residency Request by June of the preceding year. However, requests may be submitted throughout the year provided funding is available. The request involves a few simple questions, ideas on the artist and discipline you would like to consider, and a signature from a site administrator such as a principal or director to agree that, if the plan is approved and funded by ArtsPath, the site will be able to provide the remainder.

    After receiving the request, we will contact you and walk you and the artist through the planning phase of your project. Free technical assistance prior to submitting your request is always available. The funding is for the year beginning September 1 and ending August 31, with notification of funding sent by August 15 or within 30 days if submitted after August 15. Priority will be given to residency requests of 20 days or more.