PJ Piccirillo’s Gallery

  • Artist’s Statement:

    Writing is an art for which we have tools to begin at almost any age, in youth or maturity, a way for us to explore relationships and experience place.

    A suggested residency would start by looking at stories to see how fiction takes on important ideas, things we often can’t see or feel, and how it makes those ideas palpable though a person’s unique experiences. We’d find the places our own stories want to come from to convey the traditions, themes, and characters of fiction. Through activities, we unleash ideas from memories, character traits, incidents, or places, mining each participant’s unique history for story. Then we’d look at basic structures to give stories form, and I’d share processes that feed creativity.

    Our work would be toward each participant writing and revising a short story or memoir, or synopsizing a novel and drafting at least a chapter. We’d refine to strengthen effect, and I’d share various stages of my work. While we create strong images and solid characters, we’ll discover how fiction enriches our lives and illuminates the places we live in. In all, we’ll help participants develop their imaginative voices and explore themes that they discover are important to them, all the while enjoying the beauty and power of language.

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