Museum Studies Certificate

The certificate in Museum Studies introduces students to the broad range of work found in museum settings. It prepares students for museum work by directly engaging them in museum-based internships and through multi-disciplinary coursework in a wide variety of museum types and practices.

The certificate also prepares students for graduate work in Museum Studies. Students will learn display and presentational practices, cataloging techniques, and the basics of artifact and artwork conservation.

Required Courses: 12 credits

ANTH 318 - Museum Methods, 3cr

ARHI 420 - Art Museums, Art Libraries, and Visual Resources, 3cr

HIST 420 - Introduction to Public History, 3cr

Museum-based Internship

ANTH 493 - Internship in Anthropology, 3-12cr


ARHI 493 - Internship, 3-12cr


HIST 493 - Internship, 3-12cr

Choose one from the following: 

ANTH 486 - Historic Artifacts, 3cr

ANTH 489 - Prehistoric Technologies of Eastern North America, 3cr

ARED 323 - Community-Based and Museum Art Education, 3cr

HIST 421 - Archival Studies, 3cr

HIST 422 - History Museums and Historic Sites: Theory and Practice, 3cr

Total Certificate Requirements: 15cr