Majors in Art and Design

Marissa teaching art ed students LOVE ART, LEARN ART, LIVE ART: Whether you want to create original works, teach art to children, or be an art historian, your professors will help you realize your vision.

Ideas Inform Creativity

BA in Studio Art

  • Develop your creative, technical, and expressive abilities
  • Choose your area of interest from multiple areas: graphic design, painting, ceramics, drawing, jewelry and metals, sculpture, and woodworking.
  • Specialize in one studio area

BFA in Studio Art

  • Refine your abilities with a more focused studio degree
  • Two concentrations available:
    • Graphic Design Concentration: classes focused in graphic design, animation, 3D modeling, illustration, web design, and typography.
    • Studio Concentration: courses focused in ceramics, jewelry and metals, wood and furniture design, sculpture, and painting.

BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration

  • Gain a foundation of experience in art and design for the commercial marketplace
  • Develop creative concepts and learn a variety of in-demand design skills
  • Choose from a range of electives to round out your expertise as a visual communicator

BA in Art History

  • Discover the culturally and ethnically diverse world of art
  • Acquire critical thinking, research, and writing skills
  • Understand the terminology and methodology for various approaches to art historical inquiry
  • Learn how to conduct art history research through independent investigations

BSEd in Art Education

  • Acquire the foundation and skills needed to gain certification to teach K-12 art in Pennsylvania
  • Learn about contemporary theory and practice in studio art, art history, criticism, aesthetics, culture, and pedagogy
  • Explore a variety of areas of study, including ceramics, drawing, graphic design, metals, painting, sculpture, and woodworking

BS in Interior Design

  • Learn the software and technical skills necessary for a career in Interior Design.
  • Learn from faculty with industry experience, ready to help you acquire a job in interior design immediately upon graduation

BS in Fashion Studies

  • Learn about the fashion industry from proven faculty offering a robust curriculum related to the industry.
  • Choose a path within the degree that makes the most sense to you: fashion design, fashion merchandising.