Professional Outcomes for Graduate Students in Art

Art student James McNabb's wooden cityscape featured at New Yorker festival   MFA student James McNabb's spectacular wooden cityscape of the Big Apple was chosen by the as the promotional graphic for its 2013 New Yorker Festival.

It's the Quality of Your Work That Counts

In your pursuit of a master's level degree, you come to IUP with specific goals in mind. What we focus on is your work, because, in the end, it's not the name on your degree that mattersit's the quality of your work. As a result, the work created by students of this program is spectacular, launching our graduates into successful careers as teachers, and as fine and commercial artists.


Art Education Track, Art, MA

With this degree, you will:

  • Fulfill PDE Level II Certification for teaching art, K-12
  • Be able to apply new ideas and contemporary teaching strategies in your classroom
  • Explore reflective practice teaching as you develop professionally

Studio Track, Art, MA 

With this degree, you will be prepared for:

  • Working in galleries
  • Applying to MFA programs
  • Teaching art at community colleges

Studio, MFA

With this degree, consider careers in:

  • Teaching art in colleges and universities
  • Gallery, Museum, and Art Center administration
  • Curatorial Opportunities
  • Furniture design
  • Woodworking
  • Ceramics
  • Jewelry and Metals
  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Drawing