Studio Track, Art, MA

An art student works on a drawing

Please note, this program is longer accepting new students.

Program Summary

  • Designed for full-time students on campus (assistantships available)
  • 15 consecutive months,30 credits
  • Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and conforms to guidelines and standards of the College Art Association
  • You can apply now for this program, which begins with the summer 2019 semester. Admission deadlines for this program are February 15 and May 1. (Apply early for first consideration for assistantships.)

Move Ahead with the MA in Art, Studio Track

Increase your marketability and competitiveness with an advanced degree that focuses on studio practice with in-depth study in your chosen media.

The Art MA Studio Track is a practice-oriented degree offered on campus and designed for full-time students. Assistantships are available.

This master's degree program builds on the studio experience you have gained through your BA, BFA, or BSEd degree, guiding the development of your talents and skills while adding to your career credentials.

Develop a Dynamite Portfolio that Stands Out from the Pack

In this Art Master's Degree program, you can increase your competitiveness for admission to an MFA program. Your skills and portfolio will grow stronger through the emphasis on artistic expression in created works.

You can also enhance your career opportunities by becoming eligible to teach at some community colleges and art centers.

Through the Art MA Studio Track program, you can immerse yourself in a studio practice and establish yourself as a producing, professional artist/teacher.

What You'll Do in this Program

  • Get input from a range of artists from different disciplines in our unique graduate studio critique.
  • Learn about the precepts of contemporary fine art aesthetics and professional practices directed toward the creation of works of art.
  • Develop an MA studio project, culminating in an MA exhibition.
  • Work on your art in your own individual studio.
  • Enjoy our on-campus museums, the expansive Robertshawsculpturefacilities, andSprowls Hall, our four-story art building with multiple studios and classrooms.

Explore Our Studio Options

  • Painting: Engage in contemporary approaches and ideas relevant to the medium while cognizant of its masterful traditions and techniques
  • Drawing: Explore in depth the ideas and methods that stimulate conceptual and technical refinement
  • Metals andJewelry: Work in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary techniques specific to the discipline
  • Ceramics: Experiment and refine within our newly renovated ceramics studio
  • Sculpture: Innovate and shape the physical world in response to life around you
  • Wood and Furniture Design: Develop your talents and skills in our remarkable Wood Center

Program Requirements - Studio Track, Art, MA (Total 30 credits)

I. Major Concentration (24 credits)

Student will submit a MA project proposal and undergo a candidacy review upon the completion of 12-15 credits.

  • ART 610 Creative Inquiry: Visual Concepts, 3 credits
  • ART 611 Creative Inquiry: Inter-Media Contexts, 3 credits
  • Graduate-level studio courses (at least 6 credits must be in the same studio area), 12 credits
  • ART 620 Art and Visual Culture, 3 credits

Select one from the following courses:

  • ART 680 Graduate Studio Critique, 3 credits
  • ART 525 Critical Practice, 3 credits

II. Graduate-Level Elective (3 credits)

III. Synthesis (3 credits)

  • ART 740 MA Exhibition, 3 credits

Graduate-level Studio Courses that Count Toward the Concentration

Select graduate studio courses in concert with MA project goals as approved by the student's MA project committee.

  • ART 560 Graduate Studio in Jewelry and Metal Work
  • ART 572 Graduate Studio in Ceramics
  • ART 573 Graduate Studio in Sculpture
  • ART 574 Graduate Studio in Oil Painting
  • ART 575 Graduate Studio in Drawing
  • ART 576 Graduate Studio in Woodworking