Susan Palmisano

  • Professor, Painting and Drawing

    Palmisano’s paintings question our culture’s obsession with food and the guilty pleasure of eating. She uses opulent color and viscid layers of alkyd resin to depict the decadent nature of food and its wicked excesses. Her work further questions the condition of viewing and how it relates to painting as well as the female body.

    Palmisano has shown in more than 50 national and international exhibitions, including recent shows at Can Serrat in Barcelona, Spain; “Shifting Sites of Desire,” Mallin Gallery in Kansas City, Mo.(solo); “XI Miedzynarodowe Warsztaty Tworcze,” Center of Culture in Glucholazy, Poland; and “Transitions/Transformations,” Nightingale Gallery at Eastern Oregon University. Other exhibitions include “Eating Lessons” at Gallery 402, New York City, N.Y. (solo) and Galerija Alurija at the Art Academy, University of Zagreb, Croatia (solo); “Sweet Dreams,” LH Horton Gallery, Stockton, Calif. (solo); “The Imaginary Woman,” The Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, Poland (solo); “Fresh Paint: Process & Possibilities,” Arlington Arts Center, Va.; and “Indulgence: A Feast for Your Eyes,” Louis Bernal Gallery, Tucson, Ariz.

    MFA in Painting, University of Cincinnati
    BFA in Painting, University of Dayton