Labor and Community Activities

  • The Community Garden in Indiana, Pa.

    A local community project that brings a wide range of benefits to many people while promoting health, education, enjoyment, and a sense of community. This project is supported by the Penn State Extension with the assistance of the Master Gardeners of Indiana County. 

    The Indiana Art Association

    A local nonprofit organization that promotes the arts in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

    The Chevy Chase Community Center

    An organization providing programs and services for low-income individuals and families in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

    The Center for Community Growth in Indiana, Pa.

    A local community organization that promotes a variety of resources that create a fruitful atmosphere for local practitioners and organizations to achieve growth. 

    Coalition for a Healthy County in Indiana, Pa.

    A coalition of concerned citizens and local and state organizations actively engaging in a campaign to maintain the integrity of conservation zones surrounding several natural areas in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. It asks the Indiana County Commissioners to protect these areas from the dangers of hydraulic fracturing of the Marcellus Shale.