Dr. Sarah Neusius

  • Sarah Neusius is an archaeologist who is most interested in zooarchaeology and Pre-Columbian North American subsistence and settlement systems.

    Sara Neusius She has worked in the midwest, southwest, southeast, and northeast United States.  She is currently wrapping up research investigating the use of aquatic animal resources (e.g., fish, waterfowl, freshwater mussels, etc.) by Archaic Period (10,000–3,000 BP) hunter-gatherers in the interior North American Eastern Woodlands.  This project, funded by the National Science Foundation and conducted jointly with a working group of seven other zooarchaeologists, has involved preserving more than 60 faunal databases in the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) so that integrative analyses on the use of aquatics throughout this large region can be explored.

    Other research interests include her ongoing work on Late Prehistoric period (AD 1000–1600) village sites, particularly the important Middle Monongahela Tradition Johnston site. She is also the lead author of the leading textbook on North American archaeology (Seeking Our Past).

    Neusius is a past president of both the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology and the Pennsylvania Archaeological Council and has served in the leadership of her professional societies at both the national and state levels. Courses she has taught regularly include Contemporary Anthropology, North American Archaeology, Museum Methods, Native Americans, Zooarchaeology, Archaeological Field School, and the graduate core courses, Archaeological Laws and Ethics and Pre-Columbian North American Archaeology.