Dr. Benjamin Ford

  • Benjamin Ford is a historic and underwater archaeologist who conducts research in the Great Lakes and Pennsylvania.

    Dr. Ben FordFord received his PhD in Anthropology from Texas A&M University through the Nautical Archaeology Program. His dissertation, “The Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape,” focuses on his extensive field work along Lake Ontario. This research is innovative in its integration of marine and terrestrial archaeological survey techniques designed to analyze human interaction with the shore environment between 5000 B.P. and AD 1900. Ford also has an MA from the College of William and Mary, where he wrote a thesis on “Shipbuilding in Maryland, 1631–1850.” He is currently studying the Revolutionary War era site of Historic Hanna's Town through a combined analysis of existing collections and new excavations.

    Ford has extensive experience in Applied Archaeology, working for the public and private sectors. His research interests include North American Historical Archaeology, Maritime Archaeology, Maritime Cultural Landscapes, GIS, and remote sensing applications in Archaeology.

    Ford teaches World Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Issues in Historic Preservation, Historical Artifact Analysis, Spatial Archaeology, and Seminar in Cultural Resource Management.

    Many of Ford’s publications can be read here.