Program Costs for the American Language Institute

  • The ALI offers several different educational programs designed to meet students’ educational needs. In addition to program costs, students should budget for housing, meals, transportation, and personal expenses.

    Program Cost

    The cost of the American Language Institute includes tuition and mandatory IUP fees.

    Full-Time ALI Enrollment
    Tuition Fees Total
    Fall 2019 $3,500 $1,273 $4,773
    Spring 2020 $3,500 $1,273 $4,773
    Summer 2020 $3,000 $661 $3,661

    Detailed cost information and special program rates for the American Language Institute are available at the Office of the Bursar. Tuition and fees are subject to annual change. New students will be charged a $15 fee for I-Card production and a $125 fee for orientation and placement testing. International students must also pay an evacuation and repatriation fee of $40 for fall, $55 for spring/summer, and $25 for summer.

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